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Sacred Sagas I – Tormenting Dream

Michael The Archangel



(Word Count 1201)

It’s come to my attention that I have yet to address my readers. For this please take my deepest apologies! I am taking a break from the Vega brothers in the Cartel Car-tales while they figure out what they plan to do next. The following story is about a young boy and his inner struggle that will change the world either saving us or destroying us. Let’s hope he doesn’t choose the latter. Please enjoy, leave me a comment on your thoughts, and have a wonderful day!

And remember folks “There’s always room for improvement!”


A boy is kneeling in church with his mother. He’s praying to God with his eyes closed and has his hands folded together bowing and showing reverence. He finishes his prayers a bit early and leans back in his chair staring around the church appreciating his surroundings. Magnificent he thinks. The church is full of colors: Reds that represent God’s love, purples that symbolize penance, whites that exemplify purity, and greens that embody Hope. Green is his favorite color.

He has always felt the most calm here. He can think clearly and he feels safe. Strong even. He looks at his mother as she finishes her prayers and sits back down. She smiles at him with the love every mother has for her child. He smiles back and looks to the priest that then asks everyone to rise. As they do a loud clash booms. The glass image of Michael the archangel shatters.

A winged creature flies through the glass spiraling down. It unsheathes a bright object, what appears to be a sword. It’s glows a fiery red unlike any metal he’s seen before but it’s clearly a sword. The creature dives toward the priest and slashes his head clean off. Everyone is still and quiet for a few moments until a loud, high-pitched scream echoes through the room. AHHHH! Chaos ensues and more screams follow. The boy begins to look right and left then panic takes him over and with it fear on its hind legs. This causes his body to secrete adrenaline that adds to his nervousness. He looks up at his mother with a troubled expression. She grabs his face and tells him “everything will be okay! Grab my hand & follow me.” He does so and they begin making their way through the crowd.


People are running around slamming into each other. More of these winged creatures begin to appear. They have dark red and black wings. They appear human but the child has never seen a human with wings. Priests and deacons begin to pour out of a conjoining room with weapons drawn. Swords, daggers, and spears all in hand. They begin to combat the creatures with a tenacity and swiftness he has never seen before. He’s always seen them with slow and steady movements. The child averts his eyes from the scene as one of the priests gets cut down by one of the creatures.  He then stops abruptly when they come across one of the beings. It stands ten feet away and has a fiery sword drawn. The being stares at the mother then immediately takes flight toward her. She shoves the boy to the ground and holds her position. At the last moment she rolls to her right. She scoops up her son and carries him forward. The creature misses its mark and slashes at thin air but shifts its wings and maneuvers upward in an elegant fashion. In the midst of the turnaround it loses sight of the mother and boy. The mother scans around and people are being cut down left and right. Men, women, elderly, and even babies are all attacked and slaughtered. The creatures are showing no mercy. The woman scans the room again and sees hope in the corner of the room. She tugs at the boy to follow her and they move with haste toward what she saw. It’s a small ventilation panel. She kicks it open and guides her son into it.

He looks at her and asks “Mama what are they?” She looks around and scans how many members of the holy order are left. Not many she admits to herself. She turns and looks the boy straight in his eyes and says “They’re Demons my love. They mean to kill me and you because of who….”

She didn’t finish that sentence but it embedded itself in the darkest part his mind and memory. The fiery blade crashes through her chest and she kneels down and stares at it. She looks at the boy one last time and yells “run” and he does. He hasn’t had this dream since the night of but somehow he knew it was just a dream. He knew he’d wake soon. Light touched his skin and he began to shift in his bed. He opened his eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. It was time to get ready for another day. Lex arose and began to move about and prepare himself for another day. What he didn’t and couldn’t know was that today would be a life-changing day for him and everyone else for that matter.


He began walking towards his school but on the way there he remembered his dream and the events of the night his mother died.  He began to replay the scene in his mind and remembered her last words “They’re demons my love. They mean to kill me and you because of who….” The police officers that arrived didn’t believe a word he said and the psychologist his adopted parents made him visit didn’t believe him either. He hadn’t dreamt of the matter in so long and felt distraught that it had resurfaced.

He was so deep into his thoughts that he didn’t see or hear his friend Eve talk to him. He finally came to when she pushed him and broke him from his concentration.


“Hey” He said when he looked up

“What were you thinking about” she asked

“Nothing. It wasn’t anything important.” He lied and quickly avoided the subjectby asking her “How was your weekend? Did you have fun in Austin?”

She explained what her and her family did. How they toured the University of Austin and how she’s positive she would enroll next semester. He was half paying attention but was still thinking about his dream. The bell rang and they both headed to class. He looked back at her and smiled. She waved at him and he thought about walking her to class but that’s a boyfriend move and he wasn’t that. He didn’t realize that it would be the last time he’d set foot in the school. Had he known that he would have kissed her like he’d always hoped to do. Oh whom are you kidding Lex you’d never kiss her. She’s doesn’t like you like that. His inner voice called out to him. Well maybe she does. You’ll never know until you try. Another voice in his mind seemed to assure him. These two voices battling each other for control of his mind and actions would mean more to the world than anyone could ever have imagined.


Trickled Information – Cartel Cartales V


Word Count 1171

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Agent Vega

“Con Permiso Don Escobar” (Excuse me Don Escobar) said the teen that just walked in. Had to be 15 maybe 16. They’re starting em’ young I thought to myself.


“Hay un problema con los hijos del agente” (There’s a problem with the special agent’s sons) Don Escobar shot the boy a look that made him take a step back. Yet the boy continued to speak “Se esca…” (They esca….) but before he could finish was cut off by Don Escobar.
“Callate el sico. Esperame afuera!” (Shut the fuck up. Wait outside!)

The boy walked outside. Don Escobar stood up and smirked and shrugged his shoulders at me. He proceeded to whisper something into the fat fuck’s ear that has been laying into me for the past hour. He walked outside and I could hear him but barely.

SMACK. A slap across the face I presume.

“Por que putas entraste a decirme eso enfrente de Vega?”

“No importa hijo de puta. Que paso?” (Why the fuck did you tell me in front of Vega? It doesn’t matter you son of a bitch. What happened?)

“Mataron a Pablo y Miguel. Creemos que vienen para….” His voice trailed off and was overtaken by the sound of some footsteps. I looked up and saw the fat fuck was walking over towards me.


“Listo para otra ronda pinche kulero?” (Ready for another round) I asked and spat blood at him. I blacked out after the 24th punch.



Jay Vega

“Dad I’m hungry. We haven’t seen any deer all morning. I think they might have crossed over into the neighbor’s side” – jay Vega

“We don’t know that for sure. Check the tracks again and see where they lead.”


I walked over to the shrubs and looked at the ground scanning for clues. Nothing I could see. I turned around and saw my brother, Adam, and my dad whispering something to one another. They held their guns on their shoulder and awaited my response. By the looks on their faces I assumed there in fact was a something I was missing. I scanned and rescanned but still nothing. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it. I was right the deer had crossed over the fence but on to our side not his. We followed the trail and I spotted them about 275 yards away. My dad and brother both crouched down next to me. My dad spoke to us both in a whisper

“Alright boys. There’s two deer down the road. I want you to take the shots. I’ll count down to 1. On 1 I want you to take the shot. You’ll have 7 seconds. Get ready.”


Adam and I both crouched down and took aim. I was breathing heavy. I could feel the perspiration and sweat rolling down my face. I just remembered what dad always taught me “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”



Crack. Crack. The two shots went off almost simultaneously. One was a stone cold hit. The deer was dead. The other was a hit but the deer was hit in its front right leg almost severing it off. The deer was squirming around and crying out in pain. It seems that I hit my target but Adam missed his.


“Fuck. I missed” Adam said out loud

“It’s okay it was a good shot son. But we need to kill it so it doesn’t suffer” dad said

“Yeah I know” and Adam walked toward the deer. He was a few feet away when suddenly the buck got up and charged Adam. Before I could aim for the deer my dad shot it in the head about 2 feet in front of it hitting Adam. Adam also got off a shot.


“That was close” Yelled out Adam



The car came to a stop and I woke up. Weird dream I thought to myself. Not a dream but a memory.


“We’re here. I need to go on foot from here out. Wait for me here. I’ll be back in less than a day and a half” Adam said.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked

“Just wait for me. And clean the guns. I need to know what we’re up against before we do anything.” He responded back

“Okay. I’ll clean the guns and wait.” 


Adam Vega

I left that night. I had my night vision goggles but I didn’t need them yet. I found out a good deal of information from the thug at the house. He told us everything we needed to know. I wasn’t going to kill him but Jay thought we couldn’t let him go either. We argued for a minute and then Jay turned around and killed him.

“He deserved it!” he said to me

It was cold-blooded murder I thought to myself but he was right at the end. He had a point. I think what bothered me most was the fact that he could kill so quickly. He had anger in him more than I did. But I don’t blame him he was there and I wasn’t.

I finally reached the house the thug in Texas described. It was pitch black out and I couldn’t see. I put on my night vision goggles. There was a large house on the left, a barn on the right, and a warehouse on the right of that. I hid under some shrubs and made myself some camouflage. I could see some sentries walking around the perimeter, 10 all with automatic rifles and some with smaller submachine guns. Hours went by and 1 by 1 another set replaced each original sentry. That puts my count at 20. The sun began to peak over the mountain and there was more commotion. People came in and out of the house. Then a large caravan came by and dropped off 25 workers that headed into the warehouse. Some went into the fields and tended the horses. Time went on and nothing changed. I still didn’t know where my father was and then finally I saw something useful. A man that wasn’t dressed like the other men walked from the house to the barn. Another person, a rather rotund man holding a toolbox or briefcase of some sort then followed him. A few hours went by and the sun began to set. The well-dressed man came out with a smug face. I didn’t like him I thought to myself. The other man followed and brought out his tools as well. His hands were bloody I could see. That’s where I am presuming my father is. I hope he is still alive I thought to myself. I waited for the cover of night before I made my way back to Jay.

He had started a fire and there was a rabbit roasting.

“Well?” he asked

“It’s manageable. I think I know where dad is but we need to set some things in play first. Hand me the phone. I need to make some calls.”


New Lead, Kidnapped, & Darkness (Cartel car-tales IV)

The Darkness

(Word Count 2172)

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Adam Vega

It’s nearly been a month since I went down to Texas and buried my youngest brother and my mother. It’s been hard to concentrate at work. I put in my request to have 3 weeks of leave. My superiors were all understanding and considerate. They told me to “take as much time as I needed”.  Tomorrow I fly back home to pick Jay up from the hospital. They’re finally releasing him from their care. He’s recovered very quickly and I never doubted my little brother. He’d make a fine soldier from an athletic perspective but mentally I don’t think he could kill a man. Loren has been so supportive throughout this ordeal. I asked her to marry me. She said yes but it’s not quite how I wished it to happen but I can’t lose anymore of the people I love and I do love her.


“Alright babe I’ll see you in a week when you fly down. Thank you for everything. I love you” I kissed her goodbye for the last time unknowingly.


The flight was quicker than I imagined. I arrived at the airport and I headed straight to my childhood home. The cab pulled up to the house and I got out. My neighbors across the street Connie and Greg were in their front yard gardening as usual. They were barely visible behind their shrubs. I waved at them and they waved back. I could see the sympathy in their faces so I walked straight into the house. It still had some of the yellow tape around it. I walked around the house and saw the brown stains in the dining room. Tears filled my eyes and rage occupied my heart.


**Ding dong**

The doorbell rang and instinctively I pulled out my .45 1911. I looked through the window and holstered my gun on my leg. I saw that it was Greg at the door and so I opened it.


“Hi Greg it’s good to see you.” I said

“Good to see you too Adam. I’m sorry for your loss. Mikey was a good boy and your mother was one of the sweetest women I ever did get the pleasure to meet” Greg called


I winced when Greg mentioned Mikey. He must have caught it because he cut me off before I could politely ask him to leave.


“Adam. Truly Connie and I are sorry. We’ve seen you boys grow up and we cared for the lot of ya but that’s beside the point. We know for a fact that your dad didn’t kill them” Greg told me.


This threw me off but I recovered and asked him in. We sat down on the couch away from the dining room. I looked at him across the couch and our conversation continues.


“Please explain what you mean Greg”

Well the afternoon that MI…That the incident happened. Connie and I were right across the street. We was gardening as usual. We seen this car come around the corner. We didn’t think nothin’ of it but then it pulled up and parked in front of your folk’s house. 3 latino boys got out and looked around then they put ski masks on. One of them boys was big. Had to of been at least 250lbs and over 6’4’’ for sure. I grabbed Connie and told her to stay down. They didn’t see us on the count of the thick bushes. We heard the gunshots and a few moments later they was dragging a body out. Looked like your daddy but I couldn’t say for sure. Connie had already called the police before they had gotten out but it was too late. They took off before I could get the plates. It was a black Cadillac escalade. I remember that much. You’re going to have to forgive me Adam. My eyesight ain’t the same no more. But that’s beside the point. I just remembered a few hours ago that we had gotten that security camera installed a few weeks back. It faces the front of the house and catches the street and some of your lawn. I checked the tape and in the corner you can see some of the license plates it’s YYG-7 and that’s it. I was going to go to the police today but then you showed up.” Greg finished and then I abruptly said:


“No! Do not go to the police yet. They haven’t been able to turn anything up and I am going to settle this on my own. It’s the least I can do for Jay, my mom and Mikey. Thank you Greg!” We both got up, I shook his hand and then I hugged him. He asked if he could do anything else for me. I asked him what kind of guns he had at his house. Greg smiled and invited me over.


Jay (Jon) Vega

The sun was beaming through the window. It woke me up. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 10am. Today’s the day I am being released but Adam won’t get here until 2pm. That gives me a few hours to eat and get a quick workout in at the gym downstairs. I get dressed and walk over to the cafeteria and get a snack before I head to the gym. I get there and I start bench pressing, the bar. A joke compared to how much I was doing before but I’m happy I can do it at all. It hurts so I only do 2 sets. I finish my workout in an hour and decide to go for a quick run.

I bump into the doctor on my way out


Well your up kind of early. Where are you headed off to?” He asks

“I’m going to go for a quick run. Adam will be here in less than an hour so I thought I’d run a mile or two before he got here. If he does get here before I’m back will you tell him to wait for me?”

“Ahh. Well I actually won’t be here the rest of the day but I’ll have the nurses tell him. It was a pleasure getting to know you Jay. Call me if you have any questions”  The doctor said. We shook hands and I thanked him. After I went on my jog.

I was rounding the corner of the street next to the hospital when an escalade abruptly stopped in the middle of the road screeching the tires. Two men got out of the car. One was huge. Big enough to where I remembered his frame and who he was. Then the smaller one ran towards me. I didn’t hesitate this time. I started to sprint my ass off but he kept chasing me. I ran through the streets dodging oncoming cars. I hopped over a fence and was creating some distance between him and myself. I stopped to catch my breath. It looked as if I had lost them. But then from the corner of my eye I saw him running towards me. I turned around to run but after a few steps I realized I was running straight to the big guy. My momentum had me going so when he held his arm out I hit it like a brick wall. I spun around in the air and blacked out.


Adam Vega

I tried calling Jay at the hospital but the nurses told me he was still out on a jog. I told them to have him call my cell phone. I grabbed some of the guns that Greg lent me and laid them out on a bed. I had 2 rifles, 2 pistols, 1 shotgun, and 1 grenade. Not including my 1911 Smith & Wesson. The rifles were basically civilian versions of the M16, AR15. Semi auto. No kickback and accurate at about 200 yards in the right hands. I cleaned them all. I can’t afford any misfires for what I plan on doing. I sent the license plate number to a contact I have in the FBI and he turned up and address pretty quick. Several hours after I got the address passed by and I still hadn’t heard from Jay. I loaded the guns in my dad’s SUV and decided to go to the hospital and find him. Time is of the essence I thought to myself. I found his room empty so I asked the nurses if he was back yet. None of them had seen him all day long. I could sense something wrong here. I left a message with the nurses to tell Jay to take a cab home and go over to Greg and Connie’s house. I figure he can lay low for a bit while I pursued this lead before it died out.


I arrived at the house. It looked like your typical middle class neighborhood. Kids were playing basketball down the street and soccer moms were exercising outside. There was nothing out of the ordinary there. I parked the car a couple of houses down and just staked it out. Nothing happened for a couple of hours. The sun went down and I just sat there but then finally someone came out of the house. Two guys. A really big guy and an average guy that looked like a little guy, comparatively speaking. They drove off and so I decided to walk up to the house and ring the doorbell. I rang it over and over and no one answered the doorbell. I double backed to the car and I grabbed the two pistols and the shotgun. I walked around the back and picked the door lock and swung the door open. All of the lights were turned off in the house so I had the shotgun raised and a flashlight in my other hand. I cleared the first room, No one there. I moved on to the second room. This one had the door closed and I turned the handle and walked in, no one there either. I finally walked into the third room and this one had the door cracked. I could here something moving so I inhaled a deep breath and pushed the door open with a kick. And swung the shotgun around. The light shone directly on a person tied up and bloodied up. I rushed over and began untying my little brother. I removed the duct tape on his mouth.

“Fuck Adam that hurt. How did you find me? Untie me. Hurry up before they get back. They went to go get some Whataburger” Jay said with vigor.


I hurried to untangle his wrists and legs but before I could finish untying him I heard a loud set of thuds. I turned as quickly as I could only to find someone’s fist landing directly on my face. Fuck I thought to myself. I got up to be met by a right cross and an uppercut. The right cross connected but I parried the uppercut. Still hurt like hell. The lights came on and I saw another guy, a much bigger guy. He stormed through the room and speared me to the ground. He easily outweighed me by 55-75lbs. He was heavy as shit. All my training couldn’t help me get him off of me. The little guy, the smaller guy I should say, came over and began kicking me. He landed a couple of kicks before I started covering my face. The big guy got off me and started pounding on me as well. This is not how I envisioned this going I thought to myself. The next thing I heard was a shotgun being cocked and a loud blast to follow up. I’m dead I thought for a quick second but when I opened my eyes I realized I wasn’t dead or in pain. I looked up and the bug guy was lying there with blood oozing from underneath his body. I got up and I saw Jay holding the shotgun in his hand. He re-cocked it and said,

“Get on your knees you piece of shit. Adam you okay? Can you stand up?”


I nodded at him and stood up. The smaller guy was on his knees and kicked him across his face. He hit the floor hard and stiffened up. I hit him on the button. He was out cold for the time being.


“Why’d you do that? He killed mom and mikey. We should kill him!” Jay shouted.

“He’ll get his but first we need information from him. Go fill up a bucket with water and bring me a shirt. I’ll do the rest” I replied back


As Jay walked away I began to think to myself that I had considerably underestimated my little brother. He has that darkness in him. He has that killer instinct. I wonder if it was developed through the pain and anger of losing Mikey and mom or if it was a dormant trait. Regardless, it’s good. I can use him for my next step. This doesn’t end here.

The Vow, Recovery, & Drugs (Cartel Car-tales III)



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(1457 Word Count)


Adam Vega

I woke up from the terrible nightmare and ran straight to the restroom. I puked in the toilet.  Dinner must have gotten me sick. I thought to myself. But if that were the case then Loren would have gotten sick too.

I felt off all night starting around suppertime but even a little before then. My girlfriend seemed to notice too.

“Baby is everything alright? You look a bit sick” – Loren

“Yeah I don’t know something doesn’t seem right. Something is off but I don’t know what it is. The food looks amazing though babe. I’ll still have a few bites” – Adam


I love this girl. She’s definitely the one. She cooks, cleans, and laughs at my stupid jokes. She’s smart and reads more than I do. But the icing on the cake for me is that she enjoys working out. I couldn’t be luckier. I’m thinking I will pop the question sometime next month around our anniversary. I’ll have to bring her home and introduce her to my family though. I know they’ll love her. I’ll plan a trip home sometime soon.


I went back to bed but still felt off. I took some sleeping pills to help me knockout quicker. All I know is I definitely don’t want to show up to the base tomorrow and pass whatever I might have to the rest of the platoon.


I wake up to my girlfriend on a call to what appears to be my cell phone. That’s not a big deal in my mind there’s nothing I’m hiding. I’m not sure if it’s grogginess or what but it looks like she might be crying. She keeps nodding and looks over and smiles at me. Not a happy smile but a pity one I’d guess.

“Sweetie what’s wrong? Who is that?” I ask while trying to shake off the grogginess from the sleeping pills. The medicine seems to have worked because I feel much better.


She hangs the phone up and puts it down. She tells me she loves me but her tone worries me a bit. I ask her again who it was on the line. I start to stand up but she reaches for my shoulders and tells me to sit back down that she has some news for me. I’m a soldier and when these types of conversations begin this way they tend to not end well.

“Something horrible happened. They were all shot last night” – Loren tells me

I’m automatically thinking that one of my men or one of my buddies is injured or perhaps worse maybe one of them is dead. I have a few friends that are on their 2nd & 3rd tours in the Middle East. Maybe it’s Brad, Angel, or perhaps even Bo. They’re all good soldiers but I know any of them are willing to die for their fellow brothers in the field. It could be anyone of them.


“Which one of my friends is it?” I ask her. What she tells me next comes from left field and I puke on the spot. I get up and scream and begin breaking things. I barely hear Loren in the background trying to calm me down. All I see is red. All I feel is hate. I fall to the ground on my knees and begin crying. My mother and baby brother are dead. They were shot last night. My father is missing and my brother Jon is in critical condition. My father is the prime suspect and he’s vanished.


I vow to you heavenly father to find the person responsible for this. I will find the answers. I need to head back home. I need to head back to Texas to find out and take care of my little brother.



Jon Vega A.K.A. Jay

I’m so tired of being in the hospital. It’s been several weeks now, 7 I think. The police still haven’t turned up anything. Adam my big brother came and visited me for a few days. He said he would be back in a month or so when he could take off and leave from the military base in Washington D.C. but he didn’t give me a specific day. I miss my family very much. I remember going out to the ranch in south Texas for thanksgiving when I was younger. My dad, Adam, and myself would all go hunting for turkey. “We’ll only eat what we kill” dad would always say but mom would always have an extra turkey in the freezer in case we didn’t get anything. Mikey was too young so he’d stay behind, much to his disappointment. I miss him so much.


The doctor says I am healing very quickly. He says it’s one of the benefits of being young. I get bored of lying around in the hospital room so I try and push myself to my utmost limit. It hurts my shoulder to go past a certain degree but I keep going. It beats sitting there and being bored. The door swings open and the doctor walks in.

“Good morning young man. You are looking very well. I have some good news for you. Your brother called the hospital and asked when you could be discharged. We told him with your progress in another week and you’ll be out of here.” – Doc

“That’s great news. Did he mention when he would be here?” – Jay (Jon)

“He said he would be here the day of. So 7 more days and you’ll go home! In the meantime I think you will enjoy using the workout facility downstairs. Your therapy should now incorporate heavier weights. I’ll check in on you a little later today. Have a good one and don’t push yourself too hard. If it hurts too much stop!” – Doc


Adam will be here in a week. I wonder what he wants to do. The police haven’t found anything. I know Adam he’ll want answers. But I don’t know anything. Who were those men? Why did they shoot and kill my family? Where is my dad?


Special Agent Vega 

“He’s a tough son of a bitch boss” -Pedro

“It has been 7 weeks now and you haven’t broken him. Like a pendejo You killed all of his family and now we do not have any leverage. Necesito la informacion Pedro, No tenemos mucho tiempo” (I need the information Pedro, We don’t have much time) – Don Carlos Escobar

“No boss. His son survived. He is in the hospital. It was on the news. My cousin was telling me about it.” – Pedro

“You are positive Pedro? If you are wrong I will


Criminals really are idiots. I overheard all of their conversation while simply pretending to be knocked out. They’ve been doing some work on me I’ll give them that but nothing I can’t handle. I now know that they killed all of my family. Well at least most of them. Adam wasn’t there. He was on base away from this all and I guess one of the other boys is still alive.

“Wake him up. We will try something different.”

With that command Pedro walked over to Special Agent Vega and threw some water on him and followed it by a punch to the gut.

His eyes opened and rage was filled in them but he was tied to the chair and couldn’t do anything about it. He could only sit there and receive the blows that were thrown his way.


“Agent Vega how very nice of you to finally wake up. How was your siesta?” – Don Carlos

Cocky smug son of a whore I thought to myself

“Agent Vega I am going to ask you again. Where are my drugs? I did not have you on my payroll for you to double cross me. Where have you hidden them?” – Don Carlos asked

“I’m not going to tell you shit Escobar. You’re a piece of shit and I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU” – Agent Vega

Don Carlos Escobar just stood there with a smirk while his lackey punched him across the face and threw two blows to his gut. Agent Vega spit out some blood and just began to chuckle.

“You are one of a kind Agent Vega. There is no breaking you. Of that I can see. You are too strong willed. You have a tenacity that rivals that of the most seasoned killer. But I wonder. I wonder if your son is as strong willed as his father. I am too curious to find this out. Matter of fact I shall send some of my men to the hospital he is at and we will test this will. See if it runs in the family!” – Don Carlos Escobar

Agent Vega & The Hospital (Cartel Car-tales II)



It’s dark and fuzzy but not due to my eyesight. I have a mask or bag of some sort over my face. I can smell cigarette smoke and I feel the bumps in the road and sense the car in motion. My hands are zip-tied together but my legs aren’t. Good I think to myself. That’s the 1st item towards getting out of this one. My jaw is sore but I can move it up and down. Where the hell am I? The last thing I remember is stabbing one of the intruders in the shoulder.

“Where am I? Who are you? What the fuck do you want with me? Where’s my family?” – DEA Special Agent Vega

Silence. No response is given. It then occurs to me that I was having dinner with my family before I was knocked unconscious by the big intruder.

“Where’s my family?” – I ask

I hear a snort in the back. Followed by some immediate whispers. Then I feel a strong force hit me across my face and everything goes dark.


I wake up in the middle of a barn. I smell the horse & cow manure. I’m tied to a post and look all around me. There are two men standing in front of me at the moment, a man in a suit & a big guy in normal clothes.

The man in the suit is approaching me and he begins to speak English in a heavy Spanish accent, Mexican I think.

“Special Agent Vega. I am most pleased to finally meet you. Do you know who I am?”

“Can’t say that I do. It’s kind of dark in here and I’m upside down so please pardon me for not recognizing you right off the bat. Un-cuff me and let me down and I’d love to shake your hand and see you eye to eye.” – Agent Vega



———————————————————————————————————————“Good morning young man. How are we feeling today?” The doctor asked me

“Where am I? Who are you?” asks the patient

“Your at St. John’s hospital son. You were shot a few days ago. But you’re lucky most of the bullets only grazed you and some are flesh wounds that are clean & through. We only needed to remove 1 bullet from your body” – The doctor replied

“Where’s my family? Where are my mom and dad? Where’s where’s Mikey I ask him.

Then it hits me. I remember everything in a flash. Mikey trying to be brave like dad and getting shot in the chest, my mother crying his name out and then being shot herself.

I begin to cry even before the doctor has a chance to answer. He leans in close to me and hugs me. It’s comforting and I weep harder. My family is gone. Everyone is gone.

No wait dad. Dad might still be alive. And there’s also my brother Maybe he’s here or maybe he hasn’t heard the news yet.

“Doctor is my brother here?” – I ask

“I’m sorry young man but your younger brother and mother past away.” – Doc

“No, I understand but there is no one here for me? No other relatives?” – Jay

“No son no one else is here. Just you. Is there someone you need to call?”

“Yes my brother. May I borrow a phone please?”

The doctor reaches in his pocket and brings the phone over to me.

This is going to be a tough call but I have to tell Adam. He needs to know.

Guest Blog: My Life as a Professional Writer, Teacher

Really a nice piece on writing! Can anyone think of any other major rules they might abide by?

Family Dinner (Cartel Car-tales I)

2 Soccer players

(785 Word Count)
“Jay dinner is ready.” My mom yelled to me from downstairs. I haven’t been home in 11 months. It’s been a long year at boarding school. I attend one of the top boarding schools in Mexico. I have a full scholarship for soccer. It’s not very prevalent here in Texas but I have a special talent for it. My dad works for the government, DEA specifically. He learned how to play when he was younger when he lived in Mexico. He taught me to how to play when I was a kid. I am glad to be back home. I haven’t seen my family and especially my little brother in a long time. So I’m finally home and I’ll be able to hang out with them.
I smell the oregano and marinara in the air. Looks like spaghetti for dinner tonight, my favorite!
“Mom the food tastes great” – Jay
“Thank you sweet heart. I made your favorite because I knew you’d be home! I’m so glad you’re back for the holiday break. Christmas will be great next week” – mom
“Jay can we kick the ball around after dinner? Dad is that cool with you?” – Mikey
“Yeah, that’s fine with me boys. After dinner go kick the ball in the backyard but just be careful.” – my dad warned.
This is a typical dinner for us. I love my family.
We all continue to eat dinner and mom brings out the desert. Chocolate moose pie! Mikey’s favorite. Everyone was starting to dig in to desert when a loud thud came from the front of the house. 3 men came storming through the door holding their guns and pointing them at us. They have ski masks on. My dad reacts quickly and grabs his knife and charges the first man. My dad misses and instead of that person’s heart he stabs him in the upper right shoulder. The 2nd man is a big guy. He’s at least 6’4’’ tall. Probably close to 275lbs. He turns around and hits my dad with the end of his shotgun. Knocking him to the ground. Before I realize it my little brother is charging the man with a knife and then the unthinkable happens. The 3rd man, a skinny little shit, walks through the house and fires one shot that lands in the center of my little brother’s chest. He’s laying on the edge of the table not moving. My mother jumps out of her chair and runs to my brother screaming and crying. She lifts his body up and holds it to her chest. Rocking back and forth yelling “Michael please wake up. I love you please!!” It’s the last thing I ever hear my mother say. The man that got stabbed gets up and shoots her twice in the head.
You have probably read in school or in a book somewhere about the flight or fight theory. Well I was neither. I was simply standing there speechless, without emotion just in general shock. My brain had yet to process everything that had taken place. But by the time it clicked it was too late. I was staring down the barrel of 3 guns. One of the guys lowered his gun and said something to the other two. I believe he said “on the count of three” Those had to have been the longest three seconds of my life. Most people or movies or books state that your life flashes before your eyes. Well that’s bullshit. The only things going through my mind were all the things I never accomplished. The girl I never got the chance to kiss, the 1st game of the playoffs, and where I would decide to go off to college. I thought about my best friend and the way we left things between us. The last words we said to each other were fuck you but not in a playful manner. I thought about not being able to play soccer with my little brother anymore. All this and more rushed through my head.
I think they’re down to 1 now.
I closed my eyes and heard several loud bangs. It sounded like a firecracker was going off. I felt the bullets pass through my flesh. I lost count after the 13th bullet. I dropped to the ground and felt numb all over. The last thing I remember seeing was the big guy hitting my dad after he regained consciousness.
God please allow my mother and little brother into heaven. If I have to go to hell for any of the sins they might have committed so be it. Please God I beg you. I hope you heard my prayer God. I’ll just close my eyes now.

“The Interview” -dream- (Special Thanks to you Honeycutt!)

(Word Count 1545)
I want to give a special thanks to my friend Honeycutt! Thank you for pushing me to finally start writing on here. Practice makes perfect and this will definitely help me achieve my life goal of becoming a published author! Thank you good sir!

The interview-

“This story begins at the University of Houston. I’m senior and am just a few months away from graduating! I have worked most of my college career and consider myself a self made man. Through my favorite Professor I hear about a job that sounds promising. It has great benefits and a great 401k plan! My professor sets up an interview for me at 2pm the following day and gives me some material to study for the test they’ll administer and some cliff notes on the interview questions they’ll ask. The following day I look at my watch and notice it’s 11am so I decide to pick up my stuff and leave my house and head to the library. I want to review everything before the interview.

For those of you who don’t know the University of Houston is in the heart of 3rd ward. Calling it a “sketchy” neighborhood would be an insult to sketchy neighborhoods. I park on the outskirts of campus, the border of 3rd ward and campus. I grab my bag out of my car and all the notes I need to go over. I am turning the corner when I realize that I accidentally brought my hand gun with me. Campus policy does not allow you to have a gun on the premises so I turn back around to go leave it in my car. When I turn the corner I realize that my car is missing!. I’m fucking pissed! I’m enraged! I just bought the damn car as a senior gift to myself. It’s a brand new Camaro SS with 426hp. I love this car! It’s my DREAM car! I work hard for this car and I take care of it to the best of my ability and now it’s gone. Fuck. I see a young woman laughing at a house across the street. She’s pointing at me and laughing. She cries out “you fucked up white boy you fucked up. That lil’ whip is gone” (I think to myself I’m Hispanic you cunt). She continues to mock me as I am taking my phone out to call the cops. I don’t know why but I decide not to call the cops. I’ve had to fill out cop reports before for an aggravated burglary that happened to me when I was 19. They rarely get shit solved and I want my car back. I decide to track this on my own! I run towards the prostitute (I’m assuming she was a prostitute by her attire) and pull out my gun. She freezes and I walk up to her pointing it at her temple (safety is on i note in my mind) “Who took my car?” I ask, “Which way did they go?” She gives me some details and says it was a two males and a female that took my car. They were in a silver navigation with the stupid fucking rims that stick out. Not surprised. They live nearby a few blocks over but she doesn’t say which house. I ask her where her car is and she explains she doesn’t have one. “Damn it” I say aloud. I see a bike and ask whom it belongs to. Her kid she replies. I put my gun away and take the bike but before I take off I throw $200 at her. 4x the amount of what the bike may cost. I ride away and weave through the neighborhood. I am at the end of a block when I see a silver navigation with stupid fucking rims across from me. A male and female are in the car. I begin to head their way but they seem to notice me. They take off and I right behind them on my new bike. They are quickly getting away so I drop the bike and cut through some houses. Their car flies right by me and they make a right into a cul-de-sac. I’m panting when I get to the edge and don’t get a chance to see which house they pulled into. It’s one of the three but i don’t know which one. I go to the first one and see a family through the window eating dinner. I eliminate that one and narrow it down to two houses. I see a house that’s being renovated and walk into it. A construction crew is working on the inside. The crewmembers see me walk through the front door but say nothing and continue working. I notice a fair amount of surveillance being put in. Intrigued I continue making my way through the 3-story house. I think this could be the one. I find a man hammering some nails into a 2×4. I ask him how to get to the garage and the man tells me to leave before the boss gets back. I must have looked like hell because as i turned around to leave the man tells me how to get to the garage. I find it quickly but since the house is being renovated I slip and begin to fall through into the garage but cling on to some insulation. I grab at whatever i can and fall but grabbing the insulation helps with the 1story drop. “That was close” I think to myself. A man in the shadow surprises me and asks “who the hell are you and what are you doing here?” I explain to him that I am not looking for trouble and just want to find my car and the thugs that stole it. I see a smile come from the man through the shadow the house was creating for him. He steps out of the dark and I realize I know this man. He’s a friend of my father’s. This must be his company. I’m relieved. We hear a loud roar and high pitch screech from behind us. A black SS Camaro is turning the corner and speeding fast. A garage door begins to open and I see the navigation with the stupid fucking flamboyant rims. The Camaro pulls in next to the car but the female that was driving the navigation sees me and begins to fire at my father’s friend and me. My father’s friend runs inside the house ducking trying not to get shot. at this point I draw out my Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 handgun and return to shots her way. One connects with her shoulder. The other guy gets out of my Camaro and closes the garage door. At this point i think to myself CALL THE COPS! As I’m on the phone with the cops I give them the address but then I hear a creek and the garage door begins to open up. The excursion comes pouring out and one of the males hops out of the car and gets in a pick up truck. He steers it in my direction and i shoot at the car 4 times with no slowing it down. I think to myself ” I can jerk left or right” but it’s a 50/50 chance of me being hit by a car. The way my luck has been going so far it’s not looking so pretty. 10 feet 9 feet 8, 7, 6, 5 and then I hear a thunder of shots fired from behind me. I turn around and see my father’s friend shooting his shotgun at the car. He finds his target and hits the front left wheel sending the car into a fire hydrant. It spews water into the air and soaks his gun. The navigation is peeling off and so I take 2 deep breaths and fire 3 shots, two at the front and one at the back tire. BAM, BAM, BAM. My 1911 echoes loud and I find my marks. The car halts and the driver gets out yelling, “don’t shoot my rims bitch” and he runs away from the car. I look to my right and notice that the police is down the streets red and blue flashing down towards us. I turn around and nod at my father’s friend thanking him for his help. The first cop gets out and unleashes his 110lb glorious beast known as a German shepherd. Within minutes the two thugs and their slut bucket are in cuffs.

Well sir, you asked me “Why do you think I should be hired?” My first impression isn’t the best. I come 20 minutes late and look like hell. “I want to be quite frank with you sir. I think my story proves a few things: 1st- I clearly never give up on my goal and I get what I go after! 2nd- I am a man of principle and never back down from my beliefs. Finally I’m a decent shot. I did notice that you have a beautiful family photo on your desk and 2 lovely young daughters in it. I figure if you hire me we can go to the range on some weekends and I can show you how to shoot. You know to keep those knuckleheads away from your daughters!”

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