My name is Irvin. I’m a 5’10” native born Texan. My parents are from Central America, El Salvador specifically, and I have lineage that traces back to Spain. I do hablo the ol’ espanol if you were curioso (that’s Spanish for curious 😉 in case you were wondering)

I am a mix of nerd and athlete which sounds like an oxymoron but it is in fact the truth. There are 3 things that I love to do in life 1- Read, 2- Write, & 3- Exercise. . Lifelong goal is to become a published author. Currently I work for a Health company and I graduated with my degree in Kinesiology from The University of Houston. GO COOGS! Ladies I like long walks on the beach, the notebook, and puppies! I come from a family of four and my siblings mean the world to me. This page is the first step towards my goal.I will write at least once a month with the hopes of more posts. I will range the posts from fiction, non-fiction, and health tips. I have been told that I love to be acknowledged and flattered for my accomplishments. I’m a bit of a glory hound. However, constructive criticism (tricky word to spell when you’re hung-over) will better help me so please feel free to let me know if I can be better. My personal motto is “There’s always room for improvement!” ENJOY FOLKS!