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January 2015

Are Superman & Batman the same as Achilles & Odysseus?

Batman & superman

It is no surprise that I claim to be a nerd. I am one through and through and I am a proud nerd as well! No one denies that. I like video games, reading books, and of course anything related to super heroes. While watching the cartoon movie ‘justice: league doom’ I thought to myself about the two greatest superheroes that the DC universe has, batman and superman. (Although the flash is still my favorite for his smart-ass personality and the fact that he is faster than superman makes him the coolest in my opinion! Think of all the food he would have to eat in order to maintain pace with his metabolism. He could literally eat Chinese food and pizza every hour or half hour for the rest of his life and not gain a pound! Who wouldn’t want to eat their favorite foods and not become obese or diabetic!!)

Back to the subject at hand, these two heroes easily outshine every other super hero out there including those in the marvel universe. Batman is essentially a trained assassin that has billions of dollars at his disposal. Oh he is also intellectually considered a genius and easily surpasses that of everyone in his universe save maybe Lex Luthor, superman’s arch nemesis. Superman is easily defined by his name. He is a super man! He has super strength, super speed, heat vision, and is invulnerable to everything save for kryptonite. Interesting right? I know I sure think it is!

Now my closest friends (the ones that have bonded with me for my intellectual side rather than my charm and good looks) know that I am a HUGE fanatic of Greek mythology. (Thank you Mrs. Rucker may you rest in peace) I have read the odyssey and the Iliad since 6th grade where my teacher the sweet Mrs. Rucker taught it to us. I think I have read both works a good 6 or 7 times each. The main characters in the odyssey and Iliad are Odysseus and Achilles. Odysseus is a Greek hero who goes to war only to piss off Poseidon and basically has to wander the seas for 20 years all while trying to make it home to his kingdom, son, and wife. He has many adventures and uses his wit and mind to escape many a horrible situation. For those of you who don’t know Odysseus was the person who engineered the idea of the Trojan horse to help the Greeks win the Trojan War against Troy! (Never trust a Greek bearing a gift is a phrase coined from Homer’s work) The Trojan War is basically all about Achilles. Achilles is the son of a water nymph, Thetis and a great warrior king Peleus. Fun fact: both Poseidon and Zeus courted Thetis. So Achilles father could have been Zeus or Poseidon but she had a prophecy surrounding her stating that she would bear a son greater than his father. Upon finding this out Zeus stopped courting her and told Poseidon his brother to do the same! He then ordered her to marry Peleus a great human warrior and king. They did and then they created Achilles. A demi-god that was invulnerable except for his Achilles heel. His mother Thetis dipped him in the river Styx by his heel making him invulnerable to everything except in that one spot. Interesting right?

In college I took several courses about Greek mythology. The basis of these classes was to find symbolism within the text and compare it to certain modern works. So essentially what I was doing was reading Greek mythology and watching movies in class and for “homework” (A special thank you to my family for paying for my school. Mom & pops gracias con toda mi alma) Now begins the fun part! I just gave a brief description of four characters: Achilles, Superman, Odysseus, and Batman! Why? Well it is because they are basically the same people but from different times/universes. Allow me to elaborate.


Odysseus is the king of Ithaca. He has a bow that no matter how strong you are he and only he is capable of stringing it. Not because of his strength but because of his mind. He has it set to a certain point where only he knows how to string it. However, you don’t see it until the end. I just threw it in as an example to show his ingenuity. He creates plans that will help him escape death or gain victory. (Prime example being the Trojan horse)

Batman is an intelligent super hero. He uses his brain to get out of hairy situations. Although he is a trained assassin and a great fighter he is human and vulnerable to bullets, knives, and anything else. However, he develops plans to maximize his limited Physical ability (comparatively to superman who has limitless power). Batman is the Odysseus of our time or at least of his universe.


Achilles is a demi-god. Dipped in the river Styx by his mother so he is only vulnerable in his Achilles heel. He is stronger than most and incapable of being killed except for that one spot on his body. Superman is an alien (and god) in a sense as he is invulnerable to everything except for one thing, kryptonite. Superman is the Achilles of his universe.

While there are many differences between the four I can see many similarities as well. I may have just taken my nerdiness to a whole other level! Combining Greek mythology and the DC universe? Pretty awesome! What do y’all think? Are these super heroes the same as these Greek heroes?


Sacred Sagas II – Killer or Savior


Happy New Year (I realize it’s 19 days in and I haven’t written anything in the new year until now)

I have been busy working 3 jobs, finally finishing up school, the holidays, and now searching for a new career. I actually feel lost in regards to the latter. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. My brother gave me some advice to just send my resume out everywhere and anywhere. Advice, which I think I will take to heart.

It’s been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of writing. A beautiful muse came by my store yesterday and inspired me to write. She did it with the simplicity of her conversation. I always enjoy them. So this is dedicated to her. Thank you

Here is the link to the 1st installment:

Enjoy! And leave some comments/feedback!

The speakers came on and a voice began to speak. It was the school Vice Principle, Vice Principle Smith. “All students are to come and report to the auditorium.” That’s all she said but didn’t explain why we needed to come. The coaches all looked at one another in a sort of confusion. Not many people were at school. It was a small Private catholic school and most of the kids on were long gone. Everyone was sitting down. Vice Principle Smith was at the front on the podium with a few more teachers. They all looked a bit odd but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I’d find out soon enough but first Principle Smith began addressing everyone. “There are some of you that need to come with me to my office. The rest of you must stay here.”

She listed off 10 names total. Mine was the 10th and final name to be called.

I came to find out later that those that stayed in the gym suffered a fate much worse than those that were in the hallway with me.

We were all walking to her office with the other teachers in stow when they just stopped walking. They turned around and that’s when I noticed that their eyes went black. Not their irises but their entire eyes were black. The teachers began choking some of the students. I could see what looked like the shadow of wings on the walls behind each one of them. The staff then pulled swords out of thin air. The same fire red swords I see in my dreams and with a simple thrust plunged them into the other students. The girls ran away screaming; the 2 or 3 boys tried resisting but were flung against the wall and killed by the force. One of the beings came towards me and something happened then. I felt a surge of power course through my back and when the creature came at me I blocked his sword attack with my arm and threw a punch to its face. It was a viscous blow that made it drop its sword. I picked it up and held it up. Something about the sword in my hand made me feel whole. I felt whole but I felt anger and rage at the same time. The four remaining beings finished off the other students. They paused and looked at me in wonderment for a few moments but didn’t last. They all flew at me at one time. I parried the first two sword strikes with the blade I had. I caught one of the creatures with a kick in the face and the other with a right cross. They both fell hard. I sliced at each of their necks removing their head from their body.

I would later come to find out that they were the first humans I had ever killed.

The remaining two came at me and we crossed swords for a bit. These two were better with their swords than the others. They fought in tandem and quickly began to overwhelm me. Pretty soon they’ll end your life. You’re too weak. Just give up. A Voice said to me while the other voice in my head responded by saying Find their weakness. Wait for the opportunity. Strike and Strike fast.

“That’s my only shot,” I thought. I charged the creature on the right but attacked the one on the left. Caught off guard, my sword found its way into the creature’s heart. Stunned at my speed and tactic its eyes went wide and then they went back to normal. Mrs. Rucker my theology teacher who I had just stabbed looked directly into my eyes and I think she smiled right before she died on the other end of my sword. When I turned around the other creature was nowhere to be seen. I stood there looking around trying to piece everything together.

Excellent! You killed your theology teacher! A voice cried out in my head there is hope for you yet. A true killer it continued to say but was interrupted by the gentler voice there was nothing you could have done. She was possessed and it was her life or yours. You spared her the pain of being possessed. That was a good deed. You saw her smile at the end.

I didn’t know what to feel. I was glad she was dead and not the other way around but I was sad I killed her. As I held the fire sword in my hand and as I looked at it I became disgusted and threw it on the ground and ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to leave.

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