Good afternoon everyone. I have been MIA trying to get graduated and also working on finding my voice/writing style per a friend’s recommendation. I believe I am almost there and wanted to experiment with it. I plan on making this a two or three part short story series and will try to keep it under 1k words each. I hope you enjoy it! And as always feedback and comments are welcome. Tell me what you liked and didn’t like. What would you do if you found this out?


Tuesday, 11/11/14, 5:51 a.m. – Houston, TX

A smartphone with the star wars intro begins ringing.

“Hello?” answers Albert in a groggy tone.

“Hello is Albert there?” asks perky voice.

“Yes. This is he. Who’s this?” replies Albert.

“This is Elaine from Dr. Patel’s office. He needs you to come in this morning. He has received the results of your tests. He’s free all morning. When can we expect you?”

“Okay I’ll be there within the our”


Tuesday, 11/11/14, 6:32 a.m. – Houston, TX – Dr. Patel’s Office

“Good morning Doc. How was your weekend?” Albert asks.

“It went well Mr. Cross. I got to spend it with my family. We visited the zoo and had a picnic. How is your family doing?” The doctor asks in return.

“They’re all doing well. Sister just got married on New Year’s Eve, both my brothers’ kids are getting big, and my parents are on the verge of retirement. Thank you for asking. So you have some news for me.”

“Yes I do son. We received the lab results back and I’m sorry to inform you that the results are terminal cancer.”

‘Albert’s heart sank once the words were uttered. How?’ He thought

“How? I don’t do drugs, drink alcohol, I exercise daily, and I watch what I eat” he replied in utter defiance and astonishment.

“We’re not sure Albert but I am afraid it gets worse. We caught the problem but there’s nothing we can do to cure you. It’s spread into your organs and you have just a couple of days to live.”

As the doctor was uttering the last words the room began to spin for Albert and then darkness ensued.


Tuesday, 11/11/14, 7:13 a.m. – Houston, TX – Dr. Patel’s Office

Albert woke up on the bed of the Doctor’s office. For a second in his daze he thought he dreamt the whole scenario but waking up where he was he knew it wasn’t the case. The doctor handed Albert a glass of water to which he took but didn’t drink. Albert was in his mind. He was thinking why him? What was going to happen? He began to think of his family and of not watching his niece and nephews growing up. Then of everything he hadn’t done. He ne never kissed Claire. Hell he never even asked her out on a date, he was always too afraid. He never went skydiving or visited Europe. There was still so much for him to do but now he wouldn’t be able to.

“How much time do I have Dr. Patel?” He solemnly asked

“It’s hard to say. A few day, perhaps two weeks at most.” The Doctor replied.


“I am terribly sorry Albert. You should consider discussing your will with a lawyer.” The doctor suggested.

“Thank you Doctor. I believe I will.” Albert replied

Albert got up and extended his hand towards the Doctor but the Doctor leaned in and embraced Albert. This is what he really needed. Dr. Patel wasn’t one of those doctors that saw you for 10 minutes and charged you $40 per visit. No he was a caring Doctor that got to know you as a person and treated you like a human being. As Albert was in the Doctor’s embrace he began to cry. With every right I may add. He cried and the doctor consoled him. The two men sat there in the doctor’s office as Albert let out all his feelings.


Tuesday, 11/11/14, 9:04 a.m. – Houston, TX – Galleria Mall

Albert left the office and was driving on 610 heading towards his job in the Galleria area. His subconscious had taken over the wheel since he had a lot on his mind and before he knew it he was at his office. He had parked his car and stood in front of his job. He was a CPA for a big firm. He made great money, drove a nice sports car, and had a nice townhome. He was setting his “foundation” down for his future family. The truth of the matter was that Albert hated his job! He only did it because he knew it was stable. There was job security in being a CPA. He hated his job and he especially hated his boss. Was always micromanaging Albert. He always gave the shit jobs to him even though he had been there for years now, 6 to be precise and 7 if you included the internship. As Albert walked into the building he knew he had to make a quick detour before he went into the misery that was his job. Instead of going the short way he took the long way in hopes of catching a glimpse of Claire the girl of his dreams. She was a barista at the Starbucks in the mall attached to his office building. She had blonde hair, green eyes, and a killer smile. She was kind and always treated him nicely. However, he was too chicken to ask her out on a date. As he walked by he decided to go and order a coffee. To which he did. Claire was there of course and so he began talking to her. Whether it was the fact that he had nothing to lose but Albert finally asked Claire out on a date, to which she blushed and accepted. He asked what time she got off work and she told him in less than 2 hours. So he agreed that he would meet her back here in two hours.


Tuesday, 11/11/14, 9:25 a.m. – Houston, TX – Galleria Mall

Now Albert was off to his job to which he knew exactly what awaited for him, Stan his awful boss. Albert had an idea of what to do next.