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My sincerest apologies friends!!! It has been TWO AND A HALF MONTHS since I last posted anything much less wrote anything here =(

Wow! That’s nuts! I have been working, moving, studying and starting on projects outside of this blog but that’s no reason to neglect it. That’s just life and I promise to do better. Therefore, I will write something new at least twice a month and I’ll repost anything I see that would be an interesting or funny read as well! In hopes of rectifying myself the Vega brothers journey is finally at it’s end. Please enjoy this and send me some feedback. From misspelling of words, misuse of words, flow of the story etc. All feedback is welcome! Have a wonderful day my fellow nerds!


If you’ve never read any of them here is the original story that started this all!



Jay Vega


After I finished explaining my idea we began making our way north of the house. We were in the middle of reloading our weapons when we heard a window break and a man jumped out of it. Adam and I locked eyes and we drew up our weapons. I sighted in on the house and saw who was running towards us.

“It’s Dad!” I yelled out. A man was in the area and began chasing after him with a pair of dogs. “Kill the dogs first I’ll take out the guy after the dogs are dead” Boom Boom Boom three shots fired and all targets hit. I felt bad for killing the dogs but I didn’t have a choice. I can kill a man without remorse but a dog gives me mixed emotions? Odd I pondered. I shook the thought off and called out “Dad this way”.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! My dad just jumped out of the window and was running towards us. Finally catching a break. I’m glad I didn’t have to do what I had originally planned out. That would have been suicide. I don’t think I would have looked good in a coffin. I thought to myself. My dad finally ran up the hill and into the wooded area where we were. He hugged Adam then looked over my way and he had a shocked and confused expression on his face. Silence hung in the air for a moment but then he embraced me and I felt like everything would be okay.


Agent Vega

The boy was clearly nervous. He kept walking to the door leading into the house making sure things were still okay. I slowly cut at the rope behind my back. “Cuanto anos tienes nino?” (How old are you boy?) I asked. He didn’t respond but just eyed me for a bit. “Quince” he finally responded. “Por que estas aqui? Debes de estar en tu casa con tus padres.” (Why are you here? You should be at home with your parents) “No tengo opciones. Mis padres estan muertos.” (I don’t have any options my parents are dead) I didn’t know what to say to the boy so I just nodded at him. I finished cutting the rope and was thinking of my next course of action. How can I escape? I don’t have many choices. Can’t waltz out the front because I doubt Escobar would just let me leave. And if I escape I’m sure things won’t end well for this kid. I don’t have much of a choice. Sure enough I threw the kid through the window and landed on top of him. I heard screaming from behind me and quickly heard two shots fired. I hesitated and looked at my body only to hear a muffled “Dan this way”. I didn’t wait around to find out who Dan was but ran towards the American voices I heard. As I ran up the hill shots continued to fire and I was happy they were. My heart jumped when I saw my two boys standing there. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were here. My boys. My sons. I was confused but I simply embraced them and tears of joy flowed through my eyes.

“We need to go and we need to move fast” my oldest, Adam said. “Take this gun and follow me. Jay follow dad and make sure we aren’t being chased”

I grabbed the gun and followed my son. I kept looking back at Jay and realizing he wasn’t the same boy he once was. He was different. I could see the change in his eyes. There was something in him but I couldn’t pin point what that was. We ran through the woods for a little while. We came to a road and crossed over it. Then cut north and ran for quite some time. Further down we came across an abandoned building. “We’ll rest here for a little while. I think it’ll take them some time before they can repair those flat tires we gave them” I looked over and jay brought over a piece of beef jerky and we all ate in silence for a bit. I finally broke the silence and asked, “How did you find me? What happened that night?” Jay got up and walked to the window and didn’t respond. Adam came to me and explained everything that happened. The events of the night, the interrogation, the friends that Adam brought, everything. I barely heard what he was telling me. The thought that Mikey was dead and that my wife was as well, it hurt deeply. This is my fault. My baby is dead and my love is gone. I winced and a stream of tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed with remorse.


Adam Vega

It was a disturbing scene to see my father crying. All my life I had never seen him cry. He kept muttering that it was “his fault” underneath the sobs. I felt bad for him but I was happy we rescued him. I couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to lose a child and the love of your life. An hour went by and I decided it was time for us to move on. We all started heading north again towards the border when we saw some lights coming our way. At first we didn’t think much of it but soon enough we heard the whizzing sound of bullets flying by us. We began to run for the border but it was still a few miles away. I knew we wouldn’t make. Periodically I would turn around and shoot a round or two off. They were gaining on us quick. Then my father stopped running. Jay and I kept trying to pull him along but he was in a different state of mind. He was zoned out and couldn’t hear us pleading for him to move. Finally he looked at both of us and embraced us both. “I am proud of both of you. I love you. I am sorry for all of this. I will put an end to this. Adam promise me you will take care of your brother. Promise me!” He exclaimed. “I promise dad but just come with us we can make the border.” I replied. “No son, we both know we wouldn’t make it. It’s me they want not you boys.” He turned and looked at Jay. “Jay I love you son. I can see it in your eye that your angry but you have to learn to let it go. I’ve been down that path and the rage you feel only increases with every kill you make. I will redeem myself. I will avenge your mother and brother.” He glanced at both of us and then hugged each of us. He whispered something into Jay then he took off running in the opposite way. Jay and I just stood there. Watching our father run to his death.


Agent Vega

As we were running from Escobar and his men it dawned on me. It was my fault that all of this had happened. Had I not double-crossed Don Escobar my son and my wife wouldn’t be dead today. I can’t imagine a life without her. I know we all won’t make the border so I have to go back and finish off what I started. I hugged my boys and said my goodbyes. I am a proud father. I couldn’t have asked for better children. They are my legacy and I will make sure it is not tainted and that they live on. I began running towards Don Escobar and his men. The truck was almost upon me. I raised my hands in the air and men jumped out of the truck guns drawn and pointed at me. Don Escobar got out smiling. “You almost got away you son of a bitch. I won’t kill you here. I’ll do it slowly tooth-by-tooth, finger-by-finger, and limb-by-limb. I’ll fix you back up and torture you again. This I promise you kulero (faggot).”

“I’m not the one who always wears that pretty white suit Escobar. Nor am I the one who employs all these…boys.” Hahaha I laughed out loud. Escobar’s face reddened and he approached cracking me in the mouth with his pistol. I reached in my pocked and unpinned my surprise. He didn’t notice. He was furious at the accusation. I must have struck a chord I thought to myself. “You hit like a bitch Escobar. You won’t get the chance to torture me.” I explained. “Oh why is that?” he asked but mid question I tossed the grenade at him. “Because months ago I promised I’d kill you” At this range it would kill us both but it was the only way to save my boys and end all of this. I smiled as he caught it in his hand and looked up at me incredulously. I told him that I would kill him but I guess it’s hard to believe someone when they’re hanging upside down handcuffed.


Jay Vega


KABOOM! We heard an explosion behind us. We stopped running and turned around. KABOOM. Another explosion. I fell to my knees and slunk over. It slowly dawned on me what had happened. My dad sacrificed himself for Adam and me. I just watched the fire and my head began to spin and I lost my equilibrium and fell over blacking out in the process.


I awoke in the morning in a hospital bed. My brother was next to me asleep in his own bed. We both had IV drips in our arms. I started moving around and a doctor came in moving the curtains aside. “Hello young man. How are you feeling?” he asked. “Like shit” I replied. “Well that’ll pass soon enough son. Do you know where you are?” He questioned. “Actually not really. A hospital but where I don’t know?” I responded. “Good. That’s good. You are in Texas. You and your brother came in two nights ago dehydrated and exhausted. You were near the border of Mexico and Texas. Your brother is military and so they brought you here to this hospital at this base.” As I looked around I realized that there were armed men at the doors and other men in uniform walking around. “I see.” I said. “How is my brother?” I asked the doctor. “He’s fine. He is just resting. He told us he carried you quite a distance on his back after you blacked out. He’s a little tired I would assume.” As the doctor finished his sentence my brother began stirring. He woke up groggy but smiled at me “A little tired. I had to carry his fatass. I’m more than a little tired sir. How you feeling little brother?” He asked. “Okay. I guess. You?” I asked. “I’m alright. Little worn out but doing just fine. I want you to meet someone. I wanted her to meet the entire family a while ago but your all the family I have left, you and her. ”

As my brother finished his sentence a beautiful woman walked in and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you Jay. I’m Loren. Adam’s fiancée!” she smiled. I looked over at my brother and he just shrugged at me. “It’s nice to meet you too.”


Jay Vega

Months went by and we had a funeral/wake for my dad. A lot of his colleagues from the D.E.A.’s office showed up and paid their respect. We sold the house and I moved in with Adam and his fiancée, Loren. They are planning on getting married the following year. Trying to space it out in hopes of putting all of this behind us. The months just kind of went by in a blur. Most days I would think about my family. I began seeing a therapist to talk about everything and that helped me sort my feelings. I realized that I had a deeper anger in me and that I couldn’t let it out or show it to anyone. At her office one day in the middle of a discussion I remembered what my father had whispered to me before saving us. He told me to go to the ranch and to a specific blind. I thought it was odd at the time and that he was perhaps delusional. I shook the thought off but as time went on I kept thinking about that last moment with my dad. The therapist told me to head down to the ranch so I did. I walked in and unpacked then went and grabbed a shotgun in case any rattlers caused some ruckus. I walked a few miles to where my dad had told me to go. I saw the spot he was talking about and quickened my pace. As I opened the blind I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a stockpile of files, guns, drugs, ammunition, and money. So much money! This was going to change things I knew that. So I sat there and read through some of the documents. I realized I had a choice to make. Forget all of this or finish what my father started. I closed the shed and as I walked along looking over the fence at the spot where I first shot my deer years ago with Jay. I remembered tracking it and then shooting it. I remembered Adam missing and my dad’s quick reaction when Adam’s deer got up and charged him. As I processed the memory I made my decision then and there.

The End.