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June 2014

Fairy Tales with Terrible Morals: Pea Shooters and Plaid Sweaters

This is my friend’s Honeycutt’s blog. He’s a talented son of a gun. I always appreciate his honesty through his stories for children! While in my opinion they’re for children one can learn a lesson or two as well!


Cartel Cartales VII – Kids & New Plans

barn explosion267



Good morning! The Vega brothers are on the verge of rescuing their father but barely missed him in the barn. They have suffered some injuries and things are getting a little bit messier for them. Enjoy the read!

Here’s the link to the first story that started their journey!

Cartel Cartales I:



Agent Vega

The last 3 shots fired broke the windows and killed a kid. He was probably 17 at most. Don Escobar was barking out orders to his men to take up defensive positions. “Vente aqui. Tu quedate alla. Si algien entra Por esta puerta MATALO.” (You come here, you stay there. If someone comes through this door KILL THEM!)

I grabbed a piece of glass and made my way over to the corner and leaned up against a wall. Don Escobar saw me at the last minute through his peripherals. He scowled and walked over to speak with me. That thick accent is almost comical. I thought to myself

“Who are these men Vega? How did they find you?”

“I don’t know who they are but I’m glad they’re fucking your men up Escobar”

Clack. He whipped his pistol across my face with the edge of his gun. I couldn’t help but smile when I got up. Escobar didn’t like that too much. He had me ordered away. This was probably his biggest mistake. What seems like another child escorted me away. I guess his forces are dwindling down now. In the adjacent room I could hear him on his phone calling for reinforcements, a lot of them. They moved me to the upstairs bedroom and I was in sight of the window. I could see out of it and I scanned around the surrounding woods but didn’t see anything. I don’t know who is out there but I sure hope they hurry the hell up!


Adam Vega

Kaboom! The barn blew up and the two guys that shot Bo were destroyed. Good the bastards deserved it.

“Gentlemen we need to move quickly. It doesn’t look like my father was in the barn. Let’s get to the rendezvous and meet Jay. Brad, go ahead and take point. Angel, help Bo onto his side. How bad is it?” I asked Angel

“He has a wound on his right shoulder by his collarbone and his leg is fucked from a stab. When the hell did he get stabbed? Regardless he should be fine but he’s unconscious and losing blood. We need to get him out of here and we need to stitch him up. I have most of the supplies at the motel and can fix him up quick.” He replied.

“Okay good. Let’s meet Jay at the rendezvous and get Bo patched up. First though let’s do a quick ammo check. I have 1 mag , 1 frag, and 1 flash left. My pistol has 5 bullets in it.” I said out loud

“I have half a mag, no frag, no flash. One full clip on my pistol.” Brad said

“I have a full mag, one frag, and one flash. 2 clips for my pistol with one loaded and the other handy.” Angel told us

“Okay good let’s start heading out. Brad, switch rifles with Angel and go slow. Angel will be right behind you and I’ll be on his six guarding our backs.”

We began moving when we heard a noise coming from the bushes. Someone was walking up on us. We all drew our guns, except for Bo since he was unconscious. But before we could find the point of noise we heard a “don’t shoot” in an all too familiar voice. Sure enough we saw Jay walk out the bush with his hands raised.

“Why aren’t you at the rendezvous? You stu…” Before I finished he cut me off.

“Dad is in the house. I saw him being led by a guy in a suit. He was tied up and blindfolded. We have to go get him.” Jay expressed.


Jay Vega

“Shit” my big brother said. He sat there for a few seconds and thought things over.

“You’re sure?” He asked.

“Yes. He’s in the house” I replied.
“Okay this is the new plan. Brad lead Angel & Bo to the car. The keys are in the gas tank. Take it to the motel and fix Bo up. As soon as he is awake up grab your shit and head back to the Texas. Jay and I have to go back into the house. Take your rifles but leave me your frags, pistols, and flash bangs. We’re going to get our father.” He announced to us. The guys put up a fight but he said he couldn’t endanger them anymore. He thanked them for everything they did. After much debate they took off and left us mainly all their ammo, pistols, and grenades (frags). They wished us luck and drove off. Adam began explaining his plan when we heard a truck pull up. It was a long green truck. A good amount of not so nice looking guys hopped out of the bed. My brother and I just looked at each other for a moment in utter disbelief. Things just got more complex for us. But his plan should still work. If anything them showing up has helped us out. There are about 5 hours left until dawn. His plan shouldn’t take long. We’ll have to head out in a bit if we are going to pull this off.

Shit. I don’t know if I believe in this plan 100%. The thought crept into my mind. But what other options do we have? As we began running it hit me.

“Wait Adam. I have an idea!” I said to him as I stopped running.



Aim. Fire. Reload – Cartel Car-tales VI


Hello Everyone!!!

I am finally posting a long OVERDUE story. I was finishing up finals and took a vacation to Mexico where my phone opted to stay and live at the resort forever! The bastard! Haha. I know I have been M.I.A. lately but rest assured I am back! The Vega family is also back as well and are finishing up their escapades! Will the Vega brothers recuse their father or will Don Escobar kill papa Vega for double crossing him? I plan on making another post in 5 days (Sunday) so keep an eye out for that! As always I welcome feedback and suggestions, both positive and negative! It’s the only way to get better!! Enjoy the quick read y’all!

(P.S. I missed y’all and I missed this!!)


Cartel Cartales I:

Cartel Cartales II:

Cartel Cartales III:

Cartel Cartales IV:

Cartel Cartales V:


(Word count 974)

Adam Vega

A week went by and Jay and I patiently waited for the cavalry. Bo, Brad, & Angel are coming to help. I’m lucky I have friends like this. I trust each of these guys with my life. Chance or God allowed me to meet each of these guys, either in boot, OCS, or in the shit (war zone) itself. I’d give my life for each of these guys and they’d do the same “Brothers from another mother” as they say. The truck pulled up and they all hopped out. I hugged each of them and thanked them for their help. I introduced Jay to them and they all shot me a worried stare. I told them my little brother was a better shot than any us including myself. With that remark it eased their minds a bit. However, Bo decided to test him. He walked straight up to him and looked down at my brother. Jay tensed but didn’t move. He only glared back. Bo smirked and extended his hand then they shook and he introduced himself.


The fellas caught up on some sleep and ate some food. I debriefed them on the plans and listened to their advice. Together we came up with some solid tactics.

“Okay so the five of us will each take three shots at the guards from various positions.” Pointing at Bo I said

“Bo you shoot first. Take one shot and make it count. I want Brad on the next shot followed by Angel. I’ll take the fourth shot. Jay I want you to hold off on your shots. I don’t want your location revealed. Does everyone understand this portion?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Okay with the various shots being fired this should buy us enough time to rendezvous and enter the premise as one unit. Cut the power there and we’ll enter from the front and split into two, two men teams.”

Before I could finish Jay chimed in “Why don’t you split earlier. At your initial rendezvous have one team advance from the front and the other from the rear?”

The fellas all looked at each other and nodded in approval.

“That’s a great suggestion Jay. We’ll rendezvous here and split the barn from front to back. Jay will cover anyone trying to get out of the house. Bo I want you to set a timer for the claymore at 10 seconds. I’ll set mine off at 12 seconds. All right gentlemen suit up.” As we got prepared I got the jitters. I always do before I go out.


Agent Vega

Thump. Thump. Two more punches landed across my stomach. Thump one across my mouth. I spat some blood out. “Tell us what we need to know Vega.” Don Escobar yelled out. Thump. Thump. Thump. “I am growing tired of this game” It went pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing. Two bombs went off almost simultaneously and all I could see was white flashes. Several men were shouting and you could hear gun shots going off. I frantically looked around but it was too dark to really see anything. Don Escobar unhooked me and pulled out at me. I couldn’t tell where we were going. I felt a light breeze on my face and realized we were outside.

As he pulled me to follow him he yelled out “Abran la puerta putos!” (Open the door bitches) The blindfold began falling off of my eyes and I could see the chaos. Men were running around firing at the woods nearby. Some would fire their weapons and immediately fall to the ground. As the door creaked open I heard loud bang and something whizzed by my ear and the man opening the door fell to the ground. Don Escobar grabbed me and hurled me inside and closed the door. More gunfire rang through the windows and I could see the panic on Don Escobar’s face. This wasn’t on his agenda for the day. Not so smug now are you?



 Jay Vega

Two explosions went off and my brother and his friends disappeared into the barn. Then men started to pour out of the house and attempting to run to the barn. As they did I would take aim. Fire. Reload. Take aim. Fire. Reload. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast! I saw two people come out of the barn through a small door of some kind. One man was dressed in a suit and the other was blindfolded. I couldn’t make out who it was at first but then I realized it was my dad. I couldn’t line up a shot because he was blocking the man in the suit. My attention was now refocused around my father. Aim. Fire. Reload. One, two, three, four people were now dead around them. They continued making their way to the house. The door swung open and a man stood in the center. Bang. A round left my gun that came a bit close to my dad. The man hit the floor but my dad was now on the inside of the house. The remaining men were scattering around the house. I let off a few more shots through the windows until I saw my brother and his crew making their way out of the barn through their original entry point. Someone was hurt because two guys were carrying one man while my brother laid suppressive fire behind them. They ran and hit the floor near a ditch. Two men popped out looking for them but didn’t get the chance to look around much because moments after they came out the barn exploded behind them, incinerating them in the process. I picked my gun up and made my way to my brother. I needed to tell my brother where my father was. We can’t leave just yet.

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