Michael The Archangel



(Word Count 1201)

It’s come to my attention that I have yet to address my readers. For this please take my deepest apologies! I am taking a break from the Vega brothers in the Cartel Car-tales while they figure out what they plan to do next. The following story is about a young boy and his inner struggle that will change the world either saving us or destroying us. Let’s hope he doesn’t choose the latter. Please enjoy, leave me a comment on your thoughts, and have a wonderful day!

And remember folks “There’s always room for improvement!”


A boy is kneeling in church with his mother. He’s praying to God with his eyes closed and has his hands folded together bowing and showing reverence. He finishes his prayers a bit early and leans back in his chair staring around the church appreciating his surroundings. Magnificent he thinks. The church is full of colors: Reds that represent God’s love, purples that symbolize penance, whites that exemplify purity, and greens that embody Hope. Green is his favorite color.

He has always felt the most calm here. He can think clearly and he feels safe. Strong even. He looks at his mother as she finishes her prayers and sits back down. She smiles at him with the love every mother has for her child. He smiles back and looks to the priest that then asks everyone to rise. As they do a loud clash booms. The glass image of Michael the archangel shatters.

A winged creature flies through the glass spiraling down. It unsheathes a bright object, what appears to be a sword. It’s glows a fiery red unlike any metal he’s seen before but it’s clearly a sword. The creature dives toward the priest and slashes his head clean off. Everyone is still and quiet for a few moments until a loud, high-pitched scream echoes through the room. AHHHH! Chaos ensues and more screams follow. The boy begins to look right and left then panic takes him over and with it fear on its hind legs. This causes his body to secrete adrenaline that adds to his nervousness. He looks up at his mother with a troubled expression. She grabs his face and tells him “everything will be okay! Grab my hand & follow me.” He does so and they begin making their way through the crowd.


People are running around slamming into each other. More of these winged creatures begin to appear. They have dark red and black wings. They appear human but the child has never seen a human with wings. Priests and deacons begin to pour out of a conjoining room with weapons drawn. Swords, daggers, and spears all in hand. They begin to combat the creatures with a tenacity and swiftness he has never seen before. He’s always seen them with slow and steady movements. The child averts his eyes from the scene as one of the priests gets cut down by one of the creatures.  He then stops abruptly when they come across one of the beings. It stands ten feet away and has a fiery sword drawn. The being stares at the mother then immediately takes flight toward her. She shoves the boy to the ground and holds her position. At the last moment she rolls to her right. She scoops up her son and carries him forward. The creature misses its mark and slashes at thin air but shifts its wings and maneuvers upward in an elegant fashion. In the midst of the turnaround it loses sight of the mother and boy. The mother scans around and people are being cut down left and right. Men, women, elderly, and even babies are all attacked and slaughtered. The creatures are showing no mercy. The woman scans the room again and sees hope in the corner of the room. She tugs at the boy to follow her and they move with haste toward what she saw. It’s a small ventilation panel. She kicks it open and guides her son into it.

He looks at her and asks “Mama what are they?” She looks around and scans how many members of the holy order are left. Not many she admits to herself. She turns and looks the boy straight in his eyes and says “They’re Demons my love. They mean to kill me and you because of who….”

She didn’t finish that sentence but it embedded itself in the darkest part his mind and memory. The fiery blade crashes through her chest and she kneels down and stares at it. She looks at the boy one last time and yells “run” and he does. He hasn’t had this dream since the night of but somehow he knew it was just a dream. He knew he’d wake soon. Light touched his skin and he began to shift in his bed. He opened his eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. It was time to get ready for another day. Lex arose and began to move about and prepare himself for another day. What he didn’t and couldn’t know was that today would be a life-changing day for him and everyone else for that matter.


He began walking towards his school but on the way there he remembered his dream and the events of the night his mother died.  He began to replay the scene in his mind and remembered her last words “They’re demons my love. They mean to kill me and you because of who….” The police officers that arrived didn’t believe a word he said and the psychologist his adopted parents made him visit didn’t believe him either. He hadn’t dreamt of the matter in so long and felt distraught that it had resurfaced.

He was so deep into his thoughts that he didn’t see or hear his friend Eve talk to him. He finally came to when she pushed him and broke him from his concentration.


“Hey” He said when he looked up

“What were you thinking about” she asked

“Nothing. It wasn’t anything important.” He lied and quickly avoided the subjectby asking her “How was your weekend? Did you have fun in Austin?”

She explained what her and her family did. How they toured the University of Austin and how she’s positive she would enroll next semester. He was half paying attention but was still thinking about his dream. The bell rang and they both headed to class. He looked back at her and smiled. She waved at him and he thought about walking her to class but that’s a boyfriend move and he wasn’t that. He didn’t realize that it would be the last time he’d set foot in the school. Had he known that he would have kissed her like he’d always hoped to do. Oh whom are you kidding Lex you’d never kiss her. She’s doesn’t like you like that. His inner voice called out to him. Well maybe she does. You’ll never know until you try. Another voice in his mind seemed to assure him. These two voices battling each other for control of his mind and actions would mean more to the world than anyone could ever have imagined.