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Agent Vega

“Con Permiso Don Escobar” (Excuse me Don Escobar) said the teen that just walked in. Had to be 15 maybe 16. They’re starting em’ young I thought to myself.


“Hay un problema con los hijos del agente” (There’s a problem with the special agent’s sons) Don Escobar shot the boy a look that made him take a step back. Yet the boy continued to speak “Se esca…” (They esca….) but before he could finish was cut off by Don Escobar.
“Callate el sico. Esperame afuera!” (Shut the fuck up. Wait outside!)

The boy walked outside. Don Escobar stood up and smirked and shrugged his shoulders at me. He proceeded to whisper something into the fat fuck’s ear that has been laying into me for the past hour. He walked outside and I could hear him but barely.

SMACK. A slap across the face I presume.

“Por que putas entraste a decirme eso enfrente de Vega?”

“No importa hijo de puta. Que paso?” (Why the fuck did you tell me in front of Vega? It doesn’t matter you son of a bitch. What happened?)

“Mataron a Pablo y Miguel. Creemos que vienen para….” His voice trailed off and was overtaken by the sound of some footsteps. I looked up and saw the fat fuck was walking over towards me.


“Listo para otra ronda pinche kulero?” (Ready for another round) I asked and spat blood at him. I blacked out after the 24th punch.



Jay Vega

“Dad I’m hungry. We haven’t seen any deer all morning. I think they might have crossed over into the neighbor’s side” – jay Vega

“We don’t know that for sure. Check the tracks again and see where they lead.”


I walked over to the shrubs and looked at the ground scanning for clues. Nothing I could see. I turned around and saw my brother, Adam, and my dad whispering something to one another. They held their guns on their shoulder and awaited my response. By the looks on their faces I assumed there in fact was a something I was missing. I scanned and rescanned but still nothing. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it. I was right the deer had crossed over the fence but on to our side not his. We followed the trail and I spotted them about 275 yards away. My dad and brother both crouched down next to me. My dad spoke to us both in a whisper

“Alright boys. There’s two deer down the road. I want you to take the shots. I’ll count down to 1. On 1 I want you to take the shot. You’ll have 7 seconds. Get ready.”


Adam and I both crouched down and took aim. I was breathing heavy. I could feel the perspiration and sweat rolling down my face. I just remembered what dad always taught me “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”



Crack. Crack. The two shots went off almost simultaneously. One was a stone cold hit. The deer was dead. The other was a hit but the deer was hit in its front right leg almost severing it off. The deer was squirming around and crying out in pain. It seems that I hit my target but Adam missed his.


“Fuck. I missed” Adam said out loud

“It’s okay it was a good shot son. But we need to kill it so it doesn’t suffer” dad said

“Yeah I know” and Adam walked toward the deer. He was a few feet away when suddenly the buck got up and charged Adam. Before I could aim for the deer my dad shot it in the head about 2 feet in front of it hitting Adam. Adam also got off a shot.


“That was close” Yelled out Adam



The car came to a stop and I woke up. Weird dream I thought to myself. Not a dream but a memory.


“We’re here. I need to go on foot from here out. Wait for me here. I’ll be back in less than a day and a half” Adam said.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked

“Just wait for me. And clean the guns. I need to know what we’re up against before we do anything.” He responded back

“Okay. I’ll clean the guns and wait.” 


Adam Vega

I left that night. I had my night vision goggles but I didn’t need them yet. I found out a good deal of information from the thug at the house. He told us everything we needed to know. I wasn’t going to kill him but Jay thought we couldn’t let him go either. We argued for a minute and then Jay turned around and killed him.

“He deserved it!” he said to me

It was cold-blooded murder I thought to myself but he was right at the end. He had a point. I think what bothered me most was the fact that he could kill so quickly. He had anger in him more than I did. But I don’t blame him he was there and I wasn’t.

I finally reached the house the thug in Texas described. It was pitch black out and I couldn’t see. I put on my night vision goggles. There was a large house on the left, a barn on the right, and a warehouse on the right of that. I hid under some shrubs and made myself some camouflage. I could see some sentries walking around the perimeter, 10 all with automatic rifles and some with smaller submachine guns. Hours went by and 1 by 1 another set replaced each original sentry. That puts my count at 20. The sun began to peak over the mountain and there was more commotion. People came in and out of the house. Then a large caravan came by and dropped off 25 workers that headed into the warehouse. Some went into the fields and tended the horses. Time went on and nothing changed. I still didn’t know where my father was and then finally I saw something useful. A man that wasn’t dressed like the other men walked from the house to the barn. Another person, a rather rotund man holding a toolbox or briefcase of some sort then followed him. A few hours went by and the sun began to set. The well-dressed man came out with a smug face. I didn’t like him I thought to myself. The other man followed and brought out his tools as well. His hands were bloody I could see. That’s where I am presuming my father is. I hope he is still alive I thought to myself. I waited for the cover of night before I made my way back to Jay.

He had started a fire and there was a rabbit roasting.

“Well?” he asked

“It’s manageable. I think I know where dad is but we need to set some things in play first. Hand me the phone. I need to make some calls.”