The Darkness

(Word Count 2172)

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Adam Vega

It’s nearly been a month since I went down to Texas and buried my youngest brother and my mother. It’s been hard to concentrate at work. I put in my request to have 3 weeks of leave. My superiors were all understanding and considerate. They told me to “take as much time as I needed”.  Tomorrow I fly back home to pick Jay up from the hospital. They’re finally releasing him from their care. He’s recovered very quickly and I never doubted my little brother. He’d make a fine soldier from an athletic perspective but mentally I don’t think he could kill a man. Loren has been so supportive throughout this ordeal. I asked her to marry me. She said yes but it’s not quite how I wished it to happen but I can’t lose anymore of the people I love and I do love her.


“Alright babe I’ll see you in a week when you fly down. Thank you for everything. I love you” I kissed her goodbye for the last time unknowingly.


The flight was quicker than I imagined. I arrived at the airport and I headed straight to my childhood home. The cab pulled up to the house and I got out. My neighbors across the street Connie and Greg were in their front yard gardening as usual. They were barely visible behind their shrubs. I waved at them and they waved back. I could see the sympathy in their faces so I walked straight into the house. It still had some of the yellow tape around it. I walked around the house and saw the brown stains in the dining room. Tears filled my eyes and rage occupied my heart.


**Ding dong**

The doorbell rang and instinctively I pulled out my .45 1911. I looked through the window and holstered my gun on my leg. I saw that it was Greg at the door and so I opened it.


“Hi Greg it’s good to see you.” I said

“Good to see you too Adam. I’m sorry for your loss. Mikey was a good boy and your mother was one of the sweetest women I ever did get the pleasure to meet” Greg called


I winced when Greg mentioned Mikey. He must have caught it because he cut me off before I could politely ask him to leave.


“Adam. Truly Connie and I are sorry. We’ve seen you boys grow up and we cared for the lot of ya but that’s beside the point. We know for a fact that your dad didn’t kill them” Greg told me.


This threw me off but I recovered and asked him in. We sat down on the couch away from the dining room. I looked at him across the couch and our conversation continues.


“Please explain what you mean Greg”

Well the afternoon that MI…That the incident happened. Connie and I were right across the street. We was gardening as usual. We seen this car come around the corner. We didn’t think nothin’ of it but then it pulled up and parked in front of your folk’s house. 3 latino boys got out and looked around then they put ski masks on. One of them boys was big. Had to of been at least 250lbs and over 6’4’’ for sure. I grabbed Connie and told her to stay down. They didn’t see us on the count of the thick bushes. We heard the gunshots and a few moments later they was dragging a body out. Looked like your daddy but I couldn’t say for sure. Connie had already called the police before they had gotten out but it was too late. They took off before I could get the plates. It was a black Cadillac escalade. I remember that much. You’re going to have to forgive me Adam. My eyesight ain’t the same no more. But that’s beside the point. I just remembered a few hours ago that we had gotten that security camera installed a few weeks back. It faces the front of the house and catches the street and some of your lawn. I checked the tape and in the corner you can see some of the license plates it’s YYG-7 and that’s it. I was going to go to the police today but then you showed up.” Greg finished and then I abruptly said:


“No! Do not go to the police yet. They haven’t been able to turn anything up and I am going to settle this on my own. It’s the least I can do for Jay, my mom and Mikey. Thank you Greg!” We both got up, I shook his hand and then I hugged him. He asked if he could do anything else for me. I asked him what kind of guns he had at his house. Greg smiled and invited me over.


Jay (Jon) Vega

The sun was beaming through the window. It woke me up. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 10am. Today’s the day I am being released but Adam won’t get here until 2pm. That gives me a few hours to eat and get a quick workout in at the gym downstairs. I get dressed and walk over to the cafeteria and get a snack before I head to the gym. I get there and I start bench pressing, the bar. A joke compared to how much I was doing before but I’m happy I can do it at all. It hurts so I only do 2 sets. I finish my workout in an hour and decide to go for a quick run.

I bump into the doctor on my way out


Well your up kind of early. Where are you headed off to?” He asks

“I’m going to go for a quick run. Adam will be here in less than an hour so I thought I’d run a mile or two before he got here. If he does get here before I’m back will you tell him to wait for me?”

“Ahh. Well I actually won’t be here the rest of the day but I’ll have the nurses tell him. It was a pleasure getting to know you Jay. Call me if you have any questions”  The doctor said. We shook hands and I thanked him. After I went on my jog.

I was rounding the corner of the street next to the hospital when an escalade abruptly stopped in the middle of the road screeching the tires. Two men got out of the car. One was huge. Big enough to where I remembered his frame and who he was. Then the smaller one ran towards me. I didn’t hesitate this time. I started to sprint my ass off but he kept chasing me. I ran through the streets dodging oncoming cars. I hopped over a fence and was creating some distance between him and myself. I stopped to catch my breath. It looked as if I had lost them. But then from the corner of my eye I saw him running towards me. I turned around to run but after a few steps I realized I was running straight to the big guy. My momentum had me going so when he held his arm out I hit it like a brick wall. I spun around in the air and blacked out.


Adam Vega

I tried calling Jay at the hospital but the nurses told me he was still out on a jog. I told them to have him call my cell phone. I grabbed some of the guns that Greg lent me and laid them out on a bed. I had 2 rifles, 2 pistols, 1 shotgun, and 1 grenade. Not including my 1911 Smith & Wesson. The rifles were basically civilian versions of the M16, AR15. Semi auto. No kickback and accurate at about 200 yards in the right hands. I cleaned them all. I can’t afford any misfires for what I plan on doing. I sent the license plate number to a contact I have in the FBI and he turned up and address pretty quick. Several hours after I got the address passed by and I still hadn’t heard from Jay. I loaded the guns in my dad’s SUV and decided to go to the hospital and find him. Time is of the essence I thought to myself. I found his room empty so I asked the nurses if he was back yet. None of them had seen him all day long. I could sense something wrong here. I left a message with the nurses to tell Jay to take a cab home and go over to Greg and Connie’s house. I figure he can lay low for a bit while I pursued this lead before it died out.


I arrived at the house. It looked like your typical middle class neighborhood. Kids were playing basketball down the street and soccer moms were exercising outside. There was nothing out of the ordinary there. I parked the car a couple of houses down and just staked it out. Nothing happened for a couple of hours. The sun went down and I just sat there but then finally someone came out of the house. Two guys. A really big guy and an average guy that looked like a little guy, comparatively speaking. They drove off and so I decided to walk up to the house and ring the doorbell. I rang it over and over and no one answered the doorbell. I double backed to the car and I grabbed the two pistols and the shotgun. I walked around the back and picked the door lock and swung the door open. All of the lights were turned off in the house so I had the shotgun raised and a flashlight in my other hand. I cleared the first room, No one there. I moved on to the second room. This one had the door closed and I turned the handle and walked in, no one there either. I finally walked into the third room and this one had the door cracked. I could here something moving so I inhaled a deep breath and pushed the door open with a kick. And swung the shotgun around. The light shone directly on a person tied up and bloodied up. I rushed over and began untying my little brother. I removed the duct tape on his mouth.

“Fuck Adam that hurt. How did you find me? Untie me. Hurry up before they get back. They went to go get some Whataburger” Jay said with vigor.


I hurried to untangle his wrists and legs but before I could finish untying him I heard a loud set of thuds. I turned as quickly as I could only to find someone’s fist landing directly on my face. Fuck I thought to myself. I got up to be met by a right cross and an uppercut. The right cross connected but I parried the uppercut. Still hurt like hell. The lights came on and I saw another guy, a much bigger guy. He stormed through the room and speared me to the ground. He easily outweighed me by 55-75lbs. He was heavy as shit. All my training couldn’t help me get him off of me. The little guy, the smaller guy I should say, came over and began kicking me. He landed a couple of kicks before I started covering my face. The big guy got off me and started pounding on me as well. This is not how I envisioned this going I thought to myself. The next thing I heard was a shotgun being cocked and a loud blast to follow up. I’m dead I thought for a quick second but when I opened my eyes I realized I wasn’t dead or in pain. I looked up and the bug guy was lying there with blood oozing from underneath his body. I got up and I saw Jay holding the shotgun in his hand. He re-cocked it and said,

“Get on your knees you piece of shit. Adam you okay? Can you stand up?”


I nodded at him and stood up. The smaller guy was on his knees and kicked him across his face. He hit the floor hard and stiffened up. I hit him on the button. He was out cold for the time being.


“Why’d you do that? He killed mom and mikey. We should kill him!” Jay shouted.

“He’ll get his but first we need information from him. Go fill up a bucket with water and bring me a shirt. I’ll do the rest” I replied back


As Jay walked away I began to think to myself that I had considerably underestimated my little brother. He has that darkness in him. He has that killer instinct. I wonder if it was developed through the pain and anger of losing Mikey and mom or if it was a dormant trait. Regardless, it’s good. I can use him for my next step. This doesn’t end here.