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(1457 Word Count)


Adam Vega

I woke up from the terrible nightmare and ran straight to the restroom. I puked in the toilet.  Dinner must have gotten me sick. I thought to myself. But if that were the case then Loren would have gotten sick too.

I felt off all night starting around suppertime but even a little before then. My girlfriend seemed to notice too.

“Baby is everything alright? You look a bit sick” – Loren

“Yeah I don’t know something doesn’t seem right. Something is off but I don’t know what it is. The food looks amazing though babe. I’ll still have a few bites” – Adam


I love this girl. She’s definitely the one. She cooks, cleans, and laughs at my stupid jokes. She’s smart and reads more than I do. But the icing on the cake for me is that she enjoys working out. I couldn’t be luckier. I’m thinking I will pop the question sometime next month around our anniversary. I’ll have to bring her home and introduce her to my family though. I know they’ll love her. I’ll plan a trip home sometime soon.


I went back to bed but still felt off. I took some sleeping pills to help me knockout quicker. All I know is I definitely don’t want to show up to the base tomorrow and pass whatever I might have to the rest of the platoon.


I wake up to my girlfriend on a call to what appears to be my cell phone. That’s not a big deal in my mind there’s nothing I’m hiding. I’m not sure if it’s grogginess or what but it looks like she might be crying. She keeps nodding and looks over and smiles at me. Not a happy smile but a pity one I’d guess.

“Sweetie what’s wrong? Who is that?” I ask while trying to shake off the grogginess from the sleeping pills. The medicine seems to have worked because I feel much better.


She hangs the phone up and puts it down. She tells me she loves me but her tone worries me a bit. I ask her again who it was on the line. I start to stand up but she reaches for my shoulders and tells me to sit back down that she has some news for me. I’m a soldier and when these types of conversations begin this way they tend to not end well.

“Something horrible happened. They were all shot last night” – Loren tells me

I’m automatically thinking that one of my men or one of my buddies is injured or perhaps worse maybe one of them is dead. I have a few friends that are on their 2nd & 3rd tours in the Middle East. Maybe it’s Brad, Angel, or perhaps even Bo. They’re all good soldiers but I know any of them are willing to die for their fellow brothers in the field. It could be anyone of them.


“Which one of my friends is it?” I ask her. What she tells me next comes from left field and I puke on the spot. I get up and scream and begin breaking things. I barely hear Loren in the background trying to calm me down. All I see is red. All I feel is hate. I fall to the ground on my knees and begin crying. My mother and baby brother are dead. They were shot last night. My father is missing and my brother Jon is in critical condition. My father is the prime suspect and he’s vanished.


I vow to you heavenly father to find the person responsible for this. I will find the answers. I need to head back home. I need to head back to Texas to find out and take care of my little brother.



Jon Vega A.K.A. Jay

I’m so tired of being in the hospital. It’s been several weeks now, 7 I think. The police still haven’t turned up anything. Adam my big brother came and visited me for a few days. He said he would be back in a month or so when he could take off and leave from the military base in Washington D.C. but he didn’t give me a specific day. I miss my family very much. I remember going out to the ranch in south Texas for thanksgiving when I was younger. My dad, Adam, and myself would all go hunting for turkey. “We’ll only eat what we kill” dad would always say but mom would always have an extra turkey in the freezer in case we didn’t get anything. Mikey was too young so he’d stay behind, much to his disappointment. I miss him so much.


The doctor says I am healing very quickly. He says it’s one of the benefits of being young. I get bored of lying around in the hospital room so I try and push myself to my utmost limit. It hurts my shoulder to go past a certain degree but I keep going. It beats sitting there and being bored. The door swings open and the doctor walks in.

“Good morning young man. You are looking very well. I have some good news for you. Your brother called the hospital and asked when you could be discharged. We told him with your progress in another week and you’ll be out of here.” – Doc

“That’s great news. Did he mention when he would be here?” – Jay (Jon)

“He said he would be here the day of. So 7 more days and you’ll go home! In the meantime I think you will enjoy using the workout facility downstairs. Your therapy should now incorporate heavier weights. I’ll check in on you a little later today. Have a good one and don’t push yourself too hard. If it hurts too much stop!” – Doc


Adam will be here in a week. I wonder what he wants to do. The police haven’t found anything. I know Adam he’ll want answers. But I don’t know anything. Who were those men? Why did they shoot and kill my family? Where is my dad?


Special Agent Vega 

“He’s a tough son of a bitch boss” -Pedro

“It has been 7 weeks now and you haven’t broken him. Like a pendejo You killed all of his family and now we do not have any leverage. Necesito la informacion Pedro, No tenemos mucho tiempo” (I need the information Pedro, We don’t have much time) – Don Carlos Escobar

“No boss. His son survived. He is in the hospital. It was on the news. My cousin was telling me about it.” – Pedro

“You are positive Pedro? If you are wrong I will


Criminals really are idiots. I overheard all of their conversation while simply pretending to be knocked out. They’ve been doing some work on me I’ll give them that but nothing I can’t handle. I now know that they killed all of my family. Well at least most of them. Adam wasn’t there. He was on base away from this all and I guess one of the other boys is still alive.

“Wake him up. We will try something different.”

With that command Pedro walked over to Special Agent Vega and threw some water on him and followed it by a punch to the gut.

His eyes opened and rage was filled in them but he was tied to the chair and couldn’t do anything about it. He could only sit there and receive the blows that were thrown his way.


“Agent Vega how very nice of you to finally wake up. How was your siesta?” – Don Carlos

Cocky smug son of a whore I thought to myself

“Agent Vega I am going to ask you again. Where are my drugs? I did not have you on my payroll for you to double cross me. Where have you hidden them?” – Don Carlos asked

“I’m not going to tell you shit Escobar. You’re a piece of shit and I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU” – Agent Vega

Don Carlos Escobar just stood there with a smirk while his lackey punched him across the face and threw two blows to his gut. Agent Vega spit out some blood and just began to chuckle.

“You are one of a kind Agent Vega. There is no breaking you. Of that I can see. You are too strong willed. You have a tenacity that rivals that of the most seasoned killer. But I wonder. I wonder if your son is as strong willed as his father. I am too curious to find this out. Matter of fact I shall send some of my men to the hospital he is at and we will test this will. See if it runs in the family!” – Don Carlos Escobar