2 Soccer players

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“Jay dinner is ready.” My mom yelled to me from downstairs. I haven’t been home in 11 months. It’s been a long year at boarding school. I attend one of the top boarding schools in Mexico. I have a full scholarship for soccer. It’s not very prevalent here in Texas but I have a special talent for it. My dad works for the government, DEA specifically. He learned how to play when he was younger when he lived in Mexico. He taught me to how to play when I was a kid. I am glad to be back home. I haven’t seen my family and especially my little brother in a long time. So I’m finally home and I’ll be able to hang out with them.
I smell the oregano and marinara in the air. Looks like spaghetti for dinner tonight, my favorite!
“Mom the food tastes great” – Jay
“Thank you sweet heart. I made your favorite because I knew you’d be home! I’m so glad you’re back for the holiday break. Christmas will be great next week” – mom
“Jay can we kick the ball around after dinner? Dad is that cool with you?” – Mikey
“Yeah, that’s fine with me boys. After dinner go kick the ball in the backyard but just be careful.” – my dad warned.
This is a typical dinner for us. I love my family.
We all continue to eat dinner and mom brings out the desert. Chocolate moose pie! Mikey’s favorite. Everyone was starting to dig in to desert when a loud thud came from the front of the house. 3 men came storming through the door holding their guns and pointing them at us. They have ski masks on. My dad reacts quickly and grabs his knife and charges the first man. My dad misses and instead of that person’s heart he stabs him in the upper right shoulder. The 2nd man is a big guy. He’s at least 6’4’’ tall. Probably close to 275lbs. He turns around and hits my dad with the end of his shotgun. Knocking him to the ground. Before I realize it my little brother is charging the man with a knife and then the unthinkable happens. The 3rd man, a skinny little shit, walks through the house and fires one shot that lands in the center of my little brother’s chest. He’s laying on the edge of the table not moving. My mother jumps out of her chair and runs to my brother screaming and crying. She lifts his body up and holds it to her chest. Rocking back and forth yelling “Michael please wake up. I love you please!!” It’s the last thing I ever hear my mother say. The man that got stabbed gets up and shoots her twice in the head.
You have probably read in school or in a book somewhere about the flight or fight theory. Well I was neither. I was simply standing there speechless, without emotion just in general shock. My brain had yet to process everything that had taken place. But by the time it clicked it was too late. I was staring down the barrel of 3 guns. One of the guys lowered his gun and said something to the other two. I believe he said “on the count of three” Those had to have been the longest three seconds of my life. Most people or movies or books state that your life flashes before your eyes. Well that’s bullshit. The only things going through my mind were all the things I never accomplished. The girl I never got the chance to kiss, the 1st game of the playoffs, and where I would decide to go off to college. I thought about my best friend and the way we left things between us. The last words we said to each other were fuck you but not in a playful manner. I thought about not being able to play soccer with my little brother anymore. All this and more rushed through my head.
I think they’re down to 1 now.
I closed my eyes and heard several loud bangs. It sounded like a firecracker was going off. I felt the bullets pass through my flesh. I lost count after the 13th bullet. I dropped to the ground and felt numb all over. The last thing I remember seeing was the big guy hitting my dad after he regained consciousness.
God please allow my mother and little brother into heaven. If I have to go to hell for any of the sins they might have committed so be it. Please God I beg you. I hope you heard my prayer God. I’ll just close my eyes now.