(Word Count 1545)
I want to give a special thanks to my friend Honeycutt! Thank you for pushing me to finally start writing on here. Practice makes perfect and this will definitely help me achieve my life goal of becoming a published author! Thank you good sir!

The interview-

“This story begins at the University of Houston. I’m senior and am just a few months away from graduating! I have worked most of my college career and consider myself a self made man. Through my favorite Professor I hear about a job that sounds promising. It has great benefits and a great 401k plan! My professor sets up an interview for me at 2pm the following day and gives me some material to study for the test they’ll administer and some cliff notes on the interview questions they’ll ask. The following day I look at my watch and notice it’s 11am so I decide to pick up my stuff and leave my house and head to the library. I want to review everything before the interview.

For those of you who don’t know the University of Houston is in the heart of 3rd ward. Calling it a “sketchy” neighborhood would be an insult to sketchy neighborhoods. I park on the outskirts of campus, the border of 3rd ward and campus. I grab my bag out of my car and all the notes I need to go over. I am turning the corner when I realize that I accidentally brought my hand gun with me. Campus policy does not allow you to have a gun on the premises so I turn back around to go leave it in my car. When I turn the corner I realize that my car is missing!. I’m fucking pissed! I’m enraged! I just bought the damn car as a senior gift to myself. It’s a brand new Camaro SS with 426hp. I love this car! It’s my DREAM car! I work hard for this car and I take care of it to the best of my ability and now it’s gone. Fuck. I see a young woman laughing at a house across the street. She’s pointing at me and laughing. She cries out “you fucked up white boy you fucked up. That lil’ whip is gone” (I think to myself I’m Hispanic you cunt). She continues to mock me as I am taking my phone out to call the cops. I don’t know why but I decide not to call the cops. I’ve had to fill out cop reports before for an aggravated burglary that happened to me when I was 19. They rarely get shit solved and I want my car back. I decide to track this on my own! I run towards the prostitute (I’m assuming she was a prostitute by her attire) and pull out my gun. She freezes and I walk up to her pointing it at her temple (safety is on i note in my mind) “Who took my car?” I ask, “Which way did they go?” She gives me some details and says it was a two males and a female that took my car. They were in a silver navigation with the stupid fucking rims that stick out. Not surprised. They live nearby a few blocks over but she doesn’t say which house. I ask her where her car is and she explains she doesn’t have one. “Damn it” I say aloud. I see a bike and ask whom it belongs to. Her kid she replies. I put my gun away and take the bike but before I take off I throw $200 at her. 4x the amount of what the bike may cost. I ride away and weave through the neighborhood. I am at the end of a block when I see a silver navigation with stupid fucking rims across from me. A male and female are in the car. I begin to head their way but they seem to notice me. They take off and I right behind them on my new bike. They are quickly getting away so I drop the bike and cut through some houses. Their car flies right by me and they make a right into a cul-de-sac. I’m panting when I get to the edge and don’t get a chance to see which house they pulled into. It’s one of the three but i don’t know which one. I go to the first one and see a family through the window eating dinner. I eliminate that one and narrow it down to two houses. I see a house that’s being renovated and walk into it. A construction crew is working on the inside. The crewmembers see me walk through the front door but say nothing and continue working. I notice a fair amount of surveillance being put in. Intrigued I continue making my way through the 3-story house. I think this could be the one. I find a man hammering some nails into a 2×4. I ask him how to get to the garage and the man tells me to leave before the boss gets back. I must have looked like hell because as i turned around to leave the man tells me how to get to the garage. I find it quickly but since the house is being renovated I slip and begin to fall through into the garage but cling on to some insulation. I grab at whatever i can and fall but grabbing the insulation helps with the 1story drop. “That was close” I think to myself. A man in the shadow surprises me and asks “who the hell are you and what are you doing here?” I explain to him that I am not looking for trouble and just want to find my car and the thugs that stole it. I see a smile come from the man through the shadow the house was creating for him. He steps out of the dark and I realize I know this man. He’s a friend of my father’s. This must be his company. I’m relieved. We hear a loud roar and high pitch screech from behind us. A black SS Camaro is turning the corner and speeding fast. A garage door begins to open and I see the navigation with the stupid fucking flamboyant rims. The Camaro pulls in next to the car but the female that was driving the navigation sees me and begins to fire at my father’s friend and me. My father’s friend runs inside the house ducking trying not to get shot. at this point I draw out my Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 handgun and return to shots her way. One connects with her shoulder. The other guy gets out of my Camaro and closes the garage door. At this point i think to myself CALL THE COPS! As I’m on the phone with the cops I give them the address but then I hear a creek and the garage door begins to open up. The excursion comes pouring out and one of the males hops out of the car and gets in a pick up truck. He steers it in my direction and i shoot at the car 4 times with no slowing it down. I think to myself ” I can jerk left or right” but it’s a 50/50 chance of me being hit by a car. The way my luck has been going so far it’s not looking so pretty. 10 feet 9 feet 8, 7, 6, 5 and then I hear a thunder of shots fired from behind me. I turn around and see my father’s friend shooting his shotgun at the car. He finds his target and hits the front left wheel sending the car into a fire hydrant. It spews water into the air and soaks his gun. The navigation is peeling off and so I take 2 deep breaths and fire 3 shots, two at the front and one at the back tire. BAM, BAM, BAM. My 1911 echoes loud and I find my marks. The car halts and the driver gets out yelling, “don’t shoot my rims bitch” and he runs away from the car. I look to my right and notice that the police is down the streets red and blue flashing down towards us. I turn around and nod at my father’s friend thanking him for his help. The first cop gets out and unleashes his 110lb glorious beast known as a German shepherd. Within minutes the two thugs and their slut bucket are in cuffs.

Well sir, you asked me “Why do you think I should be hired?” My first impression isn’t the best. I come 20 minutes late and look like hell. “I want to be quite frank with you sir. I think my story proves a few things: 1st- I clearly never give up on my goal and I get what I go after! 2nd- I am a man of principle and never back down from my beliefs. Finally I’m a decent shot. I did notice that you have a beautiful family photo on your desk and 2 lovely young daughters in it. I figure if you hire me we can go to the range on some weekends and I can show you how to shoot. You know to keep those knuckleheads away from your daughters!”